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Новости | 13.03.2015 Liebherr Sunderland Works Ltd. at Academy 360

The Careers Day held at Academy 360 on March 11 was an ideal opportunity for Liebherr Sunderland Works Ltd. to promote excellence in engineering. Presenting their range of apprenticeships, the company was able to inspire the next generation of engineers by allowing them to try their hand at operations such as welding in a portable welding booth or using an electrical circuit board.

Over 200 visitors attended the Careers Day illustrating the significance of such exchanges of knowledge between industry and education. Rachel Darling at Academy 360 commented: “We value the commitment shown by Liebherr Sunderland Works. Attending our Careers Day event on a regular basis, the company never fails to provide fascinating insights on their innovations and products. This is incredibly important for our students.” And Stephanie Hogan, HR Advisor at Liebherr Sunderland Works Ltd., added: “The work the apprentices do is fantastic. It’s great that they have the opportunity to take part in an event like this which allows them to promote apprenticeships and engineering, as well as influence the next generation”. Liebherr Sunderland Works Ltd. builds ship-, offshore- and special purpose cranes.