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Пресс-релизы | 15.12.2014 Liebherr at the bC India 2014 Trade Fair

  • Exhibits from Liebherr’s product ranges of wheel loaders, mobile cranes and tower cranes technology
  • Equipment on display represents tailor made solutions for the construction industry of the Indian market
  • Construction equipment at outdoor area No. 145

Tailor made solutions for the construction industry of the Indian market are the focus of the Liebherr showcase at bC India 2014. The trade fair is held from December 15-18, 2014 in the India Expo Centre, Greater Noida / Delhi. At the third edition of this "International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines and Construction Vehicles", the Liebherr Group presents wheel loaders as well as mobile and tower cranes at the outdoor area Nr. 145.

Wheel Loaders L 550 and L 580

At the 2014 bC India, Liebherr is presenting the wheel loaders L 550 and L 580, two models representing the expanded wheel loader product range for the Indian market. Liebherr manufactures these wheel loaders in Dalian, (P. R. China), in close cooperation with the wheel loader competence centre in Bischofshofen (Austria).

The Liebherr wheel loader L 580 on display is driven by a 209 kW / 284 HP diesel engine. Equipped with a 5 m³ excavation bucket with bolt-on teeth, the machine achieves a tipping load of 18,000 kg at an operating weight of 24,720 kg. The Liebherr wheel loaders are robust standard machines with the familiar high performance and the low operating costs for which Liebherr is well-known. The combination of the hydrostatic travel drive and the special mounting position of the diesel engine enables movement of high load-weighs. Thanks to the robust design the machines are ideal for the most challenging of conditions. The Liebherr wheel loaders offer exceptionally low fuel consumption and require up to 25 % less fuel than comparable models from other manufacturers.

Mobile Crane LTM 1220-5.2

The Liebherr mobile crane LTM 1220-5.2, which is on display in Delhi is engineered for maximum lifting performance. The total weight of the five-axle mobile crane is fully utilised to optimise load capacities. With its 60 m telescopic boom, lattice extensions and a 22 m long folding fly-jib system, the LTM 1220-5.2 offers a hook height of max. 101 m and a working radius of max. 88 m. . The crane is remarkably compact for its performance and the 10X8X10 drive, combined with active rear axle steering, provides an agility and manoeuvrability for even the most restricted sites. The carrier is powered by a Liebherr engine developing 370kW and the ZF 12-speed gearbox features the AS-TRONIC automatic control system. The hydraulically operated four-point outriggers are self-levelling with an electronic indicator. The crane itself is also powered by a Liebherr made engine which has an output of 180kW. Electronic control is provided by Liebherr’s own LICCON computer system via twin self-centering joysticks located in the operator’s seat armrests, with LICCON also incorporating safe load indication and a diagnostic and testing system. The ergonomically designed, state-of-the-art cab is comfortably appointed with full instrumentation and can be tilted backwards hydraulically for optimum visibility during lifting operations.

Flat-top Crane 85 EC-B 5i

At the 2014 bC India Liebherr is presenting the 85 EC-B 5i Flat-Top crane which is being assembled at Liebherr's Pune plant. The 85 EC-B 5i has a maximum load capacity of 5000 kg and can lift 1300 kg at the jib end, up to a maximum working radius of 50 m. The successful 85 EC-B 5i is specially adapted to the Indian market and inner-city needs. When the 85 EC-B 5i was developed, the emphasis was not only on the superstructure but also on the low-width 85 LC tower system, which has been optimally matched to the new crane and has new pin connectors among the many features that qualify it ideally for inner-city operation.

A typical situation when working in town and city centres is limited space. A decisive advantage is that the dimensions of all the assemblies of the new 85 EC-B 5i are so compact. The new 85 LC tower system has a cross-section of only 1.2 x 1.2 m, which simplifies both transportation and erecting work if the inner-city site is small or access is difficult. The 85 EC B 5i City Crane can be erected quickly and safely in just about every gap in the building line.


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