Design-optimized gear skiving tools perform better

“We don’t compromise on quality”

Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH is continuously working to improve and develop its gear skiving tools. The company has now succeeded in further optimizing the design of the tools in terms of tool life and cost-effectiveness – without having to compromise on gear quality.

Due to its process-specific kinematics, gear skiving is a complex and demanding procedure with no margin for error. Even the slightest changes to the tool design parameters can have unwanted results. As a supplier of the complete package of technology, machinery and tools for gear skiving, and with more than 30 years of experience, Liebherr can use simulations to identify and exploit possible tolerances in the process kinematics in order to extend the tool life.

No compromise on quality

Quality has always been the top priority: “Quality is a must. We don’t compromise on that,” explains Haider Arroum, Head of Sales for Gear Cutting Tools at Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH. “What we have to do here is deliberately exploit all the tolerances that the workpiece allows in order to achieve the maximum usable tool height while maintaining the same quality.” Simulating the processes is crucial in this respect. It takes place before designing every gear skiving tool in order to identify possible collisions in the process. Liebherr developed and programmed its own process simulation software, which incorporates the company’s entire expertise in gear skiving.

Optimized design for maximum cost-effectiveness

The simulation examines how much leeway the process kinematics allow. The possible tolerances are calculated from this and the maximum usable height of the tool is determined. This increases the tool life of the tool and the economic efficiency of the process by up to a third. In addition, users benefit from all Liebherr’s expertise in gear skiving technology. “One of our major customers has been using nothing else but Liebherr machines for gear skiving since they tested our tools,” says Arroum.

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