Industry collaborations: Licensing of Liebherr technologies

Liebherr-Industrieanlagen AG plans and sets-up production sites for Liebherr products together with local partners. To carry out the projects, the organization draws in technological expertise and knowledge from approximately 40 of the Group's production sites.

Office of Liebherr-Industrieanlagen AG in Bulle (Switzerland)

Office of Liebherr-Industrieanlagen AG in Bulle (Switzerland)

Depending on the requirement, existing factories are modernized and expanded and in some cases new production sites are set-up ready for operation. The Liebherr products manufactured in these facilities are: Mobile and crawler excavators, wheel loaders, crawler tractors, tower cranes and concrete mixing as well as refrigeration and freezing equipment. The type of support varies from on-site support to long-term collaboration.

The range of services include:

  • Transfer of knowledge/licensing of Liebherr technologies
  • Planning of local production sites, engineering and organization of production
  • Delivery of production equipment, components and spare parts
  • Technical documentation
  • Staff training

The benefits of partnership:

  • Creation of local jobs
  • Transfer of knowledge through training and technical support
  • Advantages over competition through local presence and customer proximity
  • Use of location advantages (customs arrangements, state subventions, etc.)
  • Reduced labor costs


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