For the operator

Control and assistance systems for piling and drilling rigs


Cruise Control for all main functions: depending on the mode of operation, the operator can preselect defined values for the rope crowd system, as well as the speed and torque of the rotary drive. After activation, the drilling assistant functions similarly to a cruise control in a car: the set values are held constant by the machine control system.

Single pass method

The installation of cast-in-place piles using continuous flight augers, full displacement tools or double rotary drills belong to the most efficient methods in deep foundation work. Our specially designed assistant system automates the continuous drilling and extraction of the drilling tools and ensures a high-quality result.

Drilling assistant for single pass method

The rope crowd system, rotary drive and the amount of flowing concrete are optimally matched during drilling and subsequent extraction.


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Kelly Drilling

A range of useful operator assistance systems are also available for the most common drilling method, Kelly drilling, in order to optimize the drilling cycles.

Auger filling level display for Kelly drilling tools

The operator is able to monitor the complete filling process of the auger from the cabin.


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Automatic shake-off

The amount and intensity of the left-right movements to empty the auger can be preselected. This protects both man and machine.


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Kelly winch with free fall and slack rope

When lowering the Kelly drilling tool in free fall, the control system ensures that the rope is always held taut by the winches. This avoids undesired loosening of the ropes.


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Kelly visualization

During Kelly drilling, one of the most difficult challenges for the operator is the correct locking of the Kelly bar. An indication on the control monitor provides the remedy.


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Increased pull force

Should the pull force of the crowd winch not be sufficient, the main winch can be connected.

Crowd Booster

Higher pull force thanks to parallel winch operation: The pull force of the main winch is used in addition to the crowd rope.


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