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Liebherr is a leading manufacturer of offshore cranes, offering a wide range of products for various applications and installations. Whether you require a heavy lift crane, a ram luffing crane, or a crane around the leg, Liebherr has the right solution for you. Our offshore cranes meet the highest standards of efficiency, reliability, and safety, and can operate in harsh environments and extreme temperatures. With Liebherr, you benefit from innovative technology, comprehensive services, and global support. Explore our portfolio of offshore cranes and find out how Liebherr can help you achieve your goals.

General purpose offshore cranes

Liebherr offers a broad portfolio of versatile crane solutions in the field of general purpose offshore cranes. These include both rope luffing and cylinder luffing cranes, which have proven themselves on the market over many years. They impress with their high reliability, simple function-optimized design and ease of maintenance.

Ram Luffing Cranes (RL)

The RL is the most compact crane in Liebherr's offshore portfolio. This is an ideal solution for operations where space is limited and results in a small tail radius. The RL series offers a high level of maintenance comfort and easy access. It is ideal for providing reliable and trouble-free operation on unmanned platforms or installations requiring autonomous crane operation.

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Ram Luffing Knuckle Boom Cranes (RL-K)

The ram luffing knuckle boom cranes (RL-K) were developed for the highly specific requirements of the offshore market. The application range of the RL-K cranes includes onboard, offboard and subsea lifts. Modular lifting equipment especially for the RL-K series, such as pipe grabs and various load manipulators for handling pipes and risers on drilling vessels, extend the portfolio.

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Board Offshore Cranes (BOS)

The BOS rope luffing type offshore crane is the right choice for applications requiring high lifting capacities at medium or high outreaches. The board offshore crane has been established on the market since 1975. Its design supports appropriate access to all inspection and service areas, as well as maximum reliability and minimum downtime. This makes the BOS crane a leader in its class.

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LiMain - Liebherr Intelligent Maintenance

Liebherr Intelligent Maintenance (LiMain) is a new level of independence for manned and unmanned platforms, that offers increased crane availability at lower costs. LiMain is a fully digital, remote and semi-automatic maintenance system, which saves investments and resources for the platform operator. Individual packages based on four modules offer a sophisticated add-on for offshore cranes.


In the specialized field of offshore technology, our equipment is distinguished by its precision and efficiency—qualities that are essential for the successful replacement of aging offshore equipment. Driven by a spirit of innovation, we are dedicated to delivering solutions that effectively address the unique challenges of replacing outdated offshore installations.


Digital services for offshore cranes

Complex tasks and large projects require efficient solutions. Digital products and services offer numerous ways to realise your work processes in a sustainable, economical and time-saving manner. We offer you the right solution for your application.

  • XpertAssist
  • Crane Planner 2.0
  • MyLiebherr
  • MyNotifier


Our proven remote service, XpertAssist, provides you with advanced technical support and is especially effective for regular maintenance, machine analysis or problem solving. It includes several services which our experienced Liebherr technicians can apply either individually or in combination. Thanks to location-independent access to the machine and diesel engine controls, we as OEM ensure the best possible support and increased service efficiency.

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Our advanced simulation technology, LISIM, offers a risk-free environment for operators to improve their skills. It replicates real-world scenarios, ensuring operators are well-prepared for any situation. This enhances safety and productivity in offshore operations.

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Crane Planner 2.0

Planning a heavy lift is a demanding task. Our Crane Planner 2.0 is a modern 3D lift planning software which takes all eventualities into account and brings unparalleled precision to your planning process, allowing you to optimize crane operations for maximum efficiency.

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The user-friendly platform MyLiebherr provides easy access to a wealth of information, from operational data to maintenance schedules. Managing your crane operations has never been easier with MyLiebherr.

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Our web application MyNotifier supports the machine operator with several function modules in his responsibility for the machine during operation and interruption of work. The main focus is on the two central aspects of machine safety and availability.


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Services & support

The combination of customer orientation, high quality, innovation and dedication ensures a high level of service for you. Based on many years of experience we provide our customers with effective assistance and support in all matters. Liebherr’s worldwide service network is at your disposal.

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Customer training for maritime cranes

Our mission is to globally empower individuals through our international network of training hubs and centres, ensuring the highest quality and standards. Committed to a customer-centric approach, we deliver comprehensive training packages tailored to meet your specific demands.

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TCC 78000

The rail-mounted, heavy-lift crane TCC 78000 travels over 420 metres on a gantry between the factory site of Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH and the adjacent quayside. Our lifting technology, combined with the most up-to-date expertise, guarantees both efficient and secure management of your project.

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