Press releases | 03/07/2017 Liebherr premieres its 350 bar hydraulic cylinder series-production range in North America

  • Innovative range of cylinders for use in mobile and stationary applications
  • Designed for operation under hash environmental conditions
  • Hydraulic cylinders can be quickly and easily configured for particular applications

At Conexpo 2017, Liebherr presents the 350 bar hydraulic cylinder series-production range for the first time to the North American market. These components are designed for operation under harsh environmental conditions. Liebherr’s extension of the hydraulic cylinder portfolio offers maximum flexibility in the configuration of individual products within the scope of a standardized range.

The new 350 bar hydraulic cylinder series-production range for maximum flexibility in application.

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This series of hydraulic cylinders is designed for dynamic loads, so it is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is ideal for operations in the pressure range up to 350 bar (5,076 psi), and optionally up to 380 bar (5,511 psi). The double-acting differential cylinders can be used in mobile or in industrial environments. Individual products are more easily configurable using standardized components, such as; predefined rod diameters of 65-150 mm (2.56 to 5.91 inches), having rapid availability, and with cost-effective terms and conditions. In general, 20 different piston diameters between 100 to 220mm (3.94 to 8.66 inches) can be combined with two piston rod diameters. This means that strokes of up to 2,300mm (90.55 inches) can be achieved. In addition, it is an option to expand each hydraulic cylinder variant. A wide range of cushioning systems, piston rod coatings and integrated sensors, such as robust position transducers or pressure sensors are available for this purpose. Liebherr also offers individual cylinder variants to meet customer requirements.

The design of the hydraulic cylinders is based on highly modern calculation models such as the finite element method. Each detail is designed according to the requirements of the application. Correct matching of the sealing systems and the design of the bearing positions are a key factor here. Liebherr seals these cylinders by utilizing an innovative dual sealing concept comprising of a primary and a secondary seal. This reduces the “stick-slip” effect, prevents leakage and makes the cylinders particularly low-maintenance. Liebherr designs the bearing positions precisely for use in static and dynamic applications. The optimized lubrication surfaces ensure good emergency running characteristics. The concentration on maintenance-friendly designs ensures the longevity of the cylinders in harsh operating environments.


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