Press releases | 03/07/2017 Liebherr 81 K.1 tower crane at Conexpo 2017

  • New 81 K.1 is an upgrade of Liebherr’s best-selling 81 K
  • The fast-erecting crane has been available worldwide since spring 2016
  • 20% increased lifting capacity and 9.84 ft.(3 m) jib extension

Liebherr will be exhibiting its new 81 K.1 fast-erecting crane - an upgrade of the 81 K - at the Conexpo 2017. The new crane is more powerful and flexible: its lifting capacity has been increased by up to 20%, its jib has also been extended by 9.84 ft. (3 m) and a new external cabin is available.

The 81 K.1 is even more flexible and powerful than its predecessor.

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The 81 K fast-erecting crane is the best-selling Liebherr tower crane. Powerful performance, attractive design, and reliability are the main reasons why so many customers bought this crane. The 81 K.1 has also attracted a great deal of demand from around the world – four units were already delivered to American crane rental contractor, Ideal Crane Rental Inc.

Upgrade makes the 81 K.1 more flexible and powerful

The lifting capacity of the upgraded Liebherr 81 K.1 fast-erecting crane can be temporarily increased by up to 20%. When in use, the Load-Plus function eliminates the need to use an additional larger crane for heavyweight hoists.

The jib can be extended by 9.84ft. (3m) easily by bolting on an extension. Compared to its predecessor, this means the maximum radius has been increased to 157ft. (48m). This almost places the crane in the next higher crane class.

Time-tested tower crane functions of the predecessor 81 K will naturally remain available. . These functions include: pure Speed2Lift 2-line operation, Micromove fine positioning mode, and the ABB operating-range limiting system.

New external cabin provides more safety and comfort

Liebherr is also unveiling the new optional exterior cabin for its K series cranes. Depending on requirements, this cabin can be installed quickly and easily on any new K crane using its own load hook. The safe access on the side is easy to reach. Due to its external position, the crane driver has a perfect view of the site.

The new cabin with its user-friendly controls provides the crane driver with plenty of space and enables him to work efficiently without fatigue. This results in greater capacity and safety in operation. Another positive side-effect is that costs will be reduced for fleet operators since the same cabin can be used on different Liebherr fast-erecting cranes where necessary.

Technical data

Max. lifting capacity
Max. lifting capacity at the jib head
Max. radius
Slewing radius
6,000 kg
1,350 kg
48.0 m
2.75 m / 3.50 m
Hook heights
Tower retracted
Tower extended
Inserted tower sections
30° luffed jib position

17.4 m
26.0 m
6 sections / 40.4 m
55.0 m


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