Vintage tower crane in India

A four-tower residential complex is currently under construction in Coimbatore, with a vintage tower crane working on it – an 80 HC, manufactured in 1987. The vintage tower crane had done a great deal of travelling before it started work in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

It is already clear that the towers will be the highest in Coimbatore.

It is already clear that the towers will be the highest in Coimbatore.

The 80 HC can serve the entire site on its own by means of skilled positioning.

The skyline of the constantly growing city of Coimbatore is changing. The four residential towers, each 18 storeys and 65 metres in height, will dominate all the other buildings in this major industrial heartland. "Globus Nakshatra", designed by Indian architects Eskay Design, will house a total of 322 apartments and combine first-class design with high quality.

The 80 HC – clearly an older vintage but still in good condition.

The 80 HC – clearly an older vintage but still in good condition.

Our vintage tower crane was ideal for it because it can reach the required hook heights of 70 metres with consummate ease. Furthermore, its skilled positioned between two building units enables it to serve the entire site on its own. It is mainly used for concreting and structural steel work, and can lift more than one tonne at the head of the 45-metre jib.

KAP India Projects & Constructions Pvt. Ltd. purchased the used crane dating from 1987 at the start of the 90s from Dubai. "At the time it was quite simply a good time and a good offer. Today we are delighted that we have it. The main drive units are still the originals and are still working without any problems", says Site Manager Saji P. George. In total the vintage crane will work on the site for three and a half years on the site in Coimbatore – repeating the cycle which has dominated its career, since it has moved from one site to another approximately every three years.

When "Back to the Future" hit the cinema screens and ET wanted to call home, we were building a crane in Biberach which is still travelling around the world today – that is what we call quality and durability.

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