The organizational structure of the Group

The Liebherr Group is arranged decentrally and divided into eleven product divisions, which operate autonomously. The holding company is Liebherr-International AG. It fulfills directing, coordinating and monitoring functions. This structure ensures uniformity regarding central company matters and, at the same time, makes it possible to react quickly to market demands.

Central holding company

Operational structure of the Liebherr Group

Operational structure of the Liebherr Group

Operational structure of the Liebherr Group

Liebherr-International AG in Bulle (Switzerland) is the central holding company of the Group. The highest echelon of this Swiss enterprise is the administrative board. It fulfills not only management but also monitoring functions. As members of the supervisory board, the active shareholders of the Liebherr family form the governing body. This body decides on all fundamental matters concerning company policy, development and product policy as well as financial and investment policy.

Areas of responsibility

Among Liebherr-International AG's central portfolio of departments are finance and accounting, auditing, human resources, corporate communication, organization and IT, logistics, legal and insurance, compliance management and controlling. The portfolio is arranged in central areas that are managed by the directorate of the holding company.

Autonomously operating business units

The product areas of the Group are spread over eleven divisions, which are each managed operatively by the controlling company of the division. This decentralized structure promotes and facilitates operations in a tailored and target-orientated manner within the respective product area, whether it be research and development, production, marketing or sales and distribution.

Product divisions of Liebherr

Corporate film

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Liebherr Group

The Liebherr Group is synonymous worldwide with sophisticated technical products and services. Our corporate culture is characterized by the self-conception of a family-run business.