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XpertAssist is our proven remote service to provide you with advanced technical support and is especially effective for regular maintenance, machine analysis or problem solving. XpertAssist includes several services which our experienced Liebherr technicians can apply either individually or in combination. Thanks to location-independent access to the machine and diesel engine controls, we as OEM ensure the best possible support and increased service efficiency. You benefit from significantly shorter response times and thus higher machine availability.

  • All remote
  • On-site support
  • Reports
  • Hardware

All remote

Immediate troubleshooting and maintenance
Faster and more efficient troubleshooting through real-time audio-video connection with your personnel on site. Liebherr provides step-by-step instructions as well as predictive maintenance advice.

Remote access via LiDAT Teleservice
More efficient troubleshooting through remote access to the machine controls, such as operator monitor, diesel engines ECU, I/O values, message stack and other relevant variables. Remote adjustments made only under full observance of safety regulations.

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On-site support

Field service preparation
For optimal handling of our on-site operations, we offer an audio-video call in advance. This call is used to determine the parts, tools and personnel required as soon as the fault has been identified. This increases the first-time-fix rate and maximises the efficiency of our on-site services.

Due to time constraints, it is not always possible for the responsible person to meet the Liebherr technician on site. Therefore, Liebherr offers a debriefing via audio-video conference call to show the work done and to address possible additional findings.


Machine reports
On request, Liebherr provides standardized reports for each individual machine or for the entire fleet, based on available machine data. Examples: safety report, overload report, machine utilization, engine utilization and fuel consumption, etc.

Performance review
Feedback on the performance of the machine(s) and the services provided shall be exchanged and possible improvements addressed and discussed. In addition, Liebherr provides recommendations for preventive component exchange. This helps to achieve highest machine availability and early budget planning.


We offer a high-quality, ready-to-use tablet as an option for XpertAssist. Digital machine documentation, easy process data download and remote operation monitoring are just some of the many benefits that the new LiTAB brings.



XpertAssist is also part of our customized service agreements.

We offer four different Liebherr CarePacks, each with its own scope. From regular inspections, to maintenance, up to repairs and more, depending on the selected CarePack, Liebherr offers a wide range of services in manufacturer quality.