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Lifinity: Solid lubrication

Lasts forever, serves a lifetime.

Lifinity: Solid lubrication

Discover the breakthrough solution that eliminates the hassle of regreasing slewing bearings and slew drives. With Lifinity, we have revolutionized the industry by providing a seamless and long-lasting lubrication solution that ensures optimal performance throughout the lifespan of your equipment.

Lasts forever, serves a lifetime

How does Lifinity work? It's simple yet ingenious. We introduce a liquid and heated polymer-oil compound into the heated slewing bearing. As the polymer cools and hardens within the bearing, it forms a durable lubricating layer that guarantees optimal performance. This innovative approach not only minimizes the risk of raceway corrosion but also eliminates the need for a time-consuming and costly relubrication system.

Why solid lubrication in slewing bearings or slew drives?

Increased productivity

No re-greasing: Significantly reduced service efforts and cost

Less downtime

Increased lifetime: No risk of raceway corrosion

Environmentally friendly

No grease leakage and contamination of the environment

Suitable for food industry

NSF/H1-approval, ensuring that our solid lubrication used in manufacturing meets stringent safety and hygiene standards

Solid lubrication: suitable for a wide range of applications

Wind energy

  • Optimum characteristics of compound during high forces and low dynamic
  • Improved protection in regard of standstill marking due to oil lubrication

Mining and earth moving

  • No risk of insufficient lubrication due to empty grease system or damaged clogged piping
  • Improved sealing

Tower cranes

  • Less condensation and risk of corrosion due to maximum filling of the raceway
  • No grease leakage, no environmental contamination

Bottle filling machines

  • Long operating time, high turning speed
  • Suitable for food industry: NSF/H1-approval

Lifinity is available for the following products:

Slewing bearings

  • Diameter: 800 - 9,500 mm
  • Solid compound lubrication
Slewing bearings

Slew drives

  • Signature line with Lifinity
  • Worm gear slew drives, spur gear slew drives and belt slew drives
Slew drives

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