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Deep foundation

Piling and drilling rigs for demanding foundation work

EcoVadis gold rating

Construction site 4.0

Deep foundation



As a turnkey supplier in deep foundation engineering, we offer cutting-edge piling and drilling equipment as well as attachments such as vibrators, hammers or slurry wall cutters. Liebherr deep foundation machines are ideally suited for the construction of cast-in-place piles and slurry walls, for the installation of sheet piles or for soil improvement. And in the unplugged version now also emission-free.



Besides the basic machines, Liebherr also offers a wide range of attachments and tools.

Deep foundation methods

Deep foundation machines from Liebherr can be applied for all common drilling and piling methods, for slurry wall installation and soil improvement.



Make your construction site digital with MyJobsite. One single tool for the collection, documentation and analysis of all process, machine, construction site and position data.

Assistent systems

The Liebherr control system has numerous useful functions and various assistance systems to simplify each piling and drilling application.


Manage machines, buy spare parts or check availability: MyLiebherr bundles all digital services in one place.


Service and support

  • Customer service
  • Digital solutions
  • Application technology
  • Training
  • Used machines

Customer service

Our Customer Service aims to effectively help in maintaining Liebherr equipment at its best: On-site or remote.


Digital solutions

We offer a number of IT solutions, which provide substantial support for all those involved in the construction site.


Application technology

Our application specialists assist with the correct choice of application and the most suitable machine configuration.



Liebherr offers a broad spectrum of training for operators, fleet park manager and maintenance staff.


Used machines

Do you prefer a used machine? Find construction machines persuasive by experience.



In the download area of the deep foundation machinery page you will find brochures, job reports and archives for data sheets.



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Get in touch

If you have any further questions, please contact our local sales or service team.


Featured products

  • LRH 200 unplugged
  • LRB 23
  • MyJobsite
  • LSC 8-18

LRH 200 unplugged

The flexible piling and drilling rig: Battery-powered and emissionfree


LRB 23

The newly designed LRB 23 fulfills it all: Piling, drilling and soil improvement



MyJobsite is your digital helper in all areas of the special civil engineering process. Process, machine, construction site and position data are collected, enriched and made available to further systems.


LSC 8-18

Everything from a single source: HS 8130 carrier machine, LSC 8-18 slurry wall cutter and SP 600 C separtation plant

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