Active Heave Compensation

Offshore operations at high sea as well as subsea liftings are made difficult by wave-related ship movements. Despite these conditions, controlled handling of loads is indispensable for safe operation.

The active heave compensation system (Heavetronic®) was specially developed by Liebherr for deep sea operations. The system is based on a motion reference unit (MRU) for registration and evaluation of the current wave movements that affect the ship and thereby the crane. Based on the measurements of these movements, a prognosis of the vertical movement of the boom is carried out. The winch system is moved proactively and fully automatically to compensate this.

This system is enhanced by the company's own-developed deep sea winch with a special cable reel mechanism. This optimised rope guidance system in turn, ensures a prolongate extended rope life span.

Basic principle of Liebherr Heavetronic with a RL-K 7500.

Basic principle of Liebherr Heavetronic with a RL-K 7500.

Basic principle of Liebherr Heavetronic with a RL-K 7500.

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