Liebherr 53 K fast-erecting crane: All for hydroelectricity

A 53 K is currently working on the construction of two hydroelectric plants as part of the "Alto Maipo" project in the Andes to the east of Santiago de Chile. The concrete wall to reroute the river is being built using the first 53 K in the country.

Assembly and service are included in the Liebherr package

Assembly and service are included in the Liebherr package

The 53 K can be transported and assembled easily even in this high mountainous terrain in the Andes.

Building contractor Strabag decided to use the 53 K with a maximum radius of 40 metres and a max. load capacity of 4.2 tonnes, not just because of its positive experiences using Liebherr Tower cranes: the bottom-slewing crane convinced the company because by comparison with the top-slewing cranes normally used there, the rope kinematics mean it can be assembled very quickly and Liebherr Chile agreed to both assemble and provide servicing for it.

Since the crane will change position several times during the three-year construction period, both of these features are very important. On the same site, a Liebherr 85 EC-B 5b Flat-Top crane manufactured in Brazil is being used as a storage crane.

The 53 K building the two hydroelectric plants in Chile.

The 53 K building the two hydroelectric plants in Chile.

67 kilometres of tunnel systems in which the water will drive the generating turbines parallel to the river are being built at a depth of 800 metres for the hydroelectric plants. In addition, 17 kilometres of high tension cables will be installed.

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