Always on the customer's doorstep

Complex hoisting jobs in extraordinary conditions always present a major challenge. The high technical maturity of Liebherr cranes is a basic requirement for taking on these jobs. Theory and practice in harmony.

Technical support

Extensive technical support from a series of special brochures, the crane work planner, CAD planning models and product training courses ensures that you can work economically and safely.

In addition, Liebherr specialists can provide advice and support to ensure maximum safety during crane operation.

Liebherr LR 11000 and LR 1750 crawler cranes complete a tandem hoist in a refinery - the column weighs 335 tonnes.

Liebherr LR 11000 and LR 1750 crawler cranes complete a tandem hoist in a refinery - the column weighs 335 tonnes.

Industry pioneer

Liebherr listens to its customers. Innovative solutions are developed through dialogue. One example of this is the range of LTR telescopic crawler cranes: the idea put forward by a customer was analysed, improved and built. The concept is now firmly established on the market. A small range of LTR products has been created.

To the telescopic crawler cranes

Working in organisations to set standards for all manufacturers

Liebherr is a member of the ICSA.

Liebherr is a member of the ICSA.

Liebherr is heavily involved in national and international organisation and standardisation work. The latest findings are exchanged and the interests of crane users are discussed with the manufacturers. Through its involvement on the main bodies, Liebherr represents the interests of the entire crane industry, for example in the creation of new standards.

In its capacity as market leader, Liebherr takes responsibility, sets standards and has a major influence on the industry. The main focus of this work is always on safety. The aim is to create safety standards for all manufacturers using relevant developments in the industry.

Contacts with other industries

Not only do direct customers receive technical advice from Liebherr, but so too do other market participants, such as construction and plant engineering contractors. The maintenance of contacts with other industries is very important for all parties. Liebherr has close ties, for example, with refinerys and wind power contractors and provides advice on topics such as industrial and operational safety. Engineering agencies and project planners are provided with support in the form of CAD data and software for planning safe, efficient crane jobs.

Technical support

We stand by our customers. For difficult jobs you can rely on technical support from Liebherr. Technical support from the manufacturer

Liebherr Training centre

Experienced service technicians ensure that Liebherr cranes are quickly ready for use again. Liebherr trains these specialists at its training centre in Ehingen/Donau. Competence through training

Sales & Service

Our customers can rely on a worldwide sales and service network. Search here for the right contact partner.

Portrait of the company founder

To date, the principles of the company founder Hans Liebherr have shaped our business activities and the structure of the Liebherr Group. Portrait of the company founder