The highly technological cranes from Liebherr make an important contribution towards development and competitiveness of the maritime industry. The world's oceans as economic impetus of the future create stimulus and necessity at the same time to develop products and services at the highest technical level.

Big data analytics

LiDAT smartApp

With LiDAT smartApp, it’s possible to analyse your crane (operating and performance) data and get answers from it almost immediately. LiDAT smartApp

Synchronised lifting


One system, two cranes and only one crane operator: Sycratronic brings the deployed cranes together as one functioning unit. Sycratronic

Liebherr Intelligent Maintenance


LiMain is a fully digital, remote and semi-automatic maintenance system, which saves investments and resources for the platform operator. LiMain - Liebherr Intelligent Maintenance

Intelligent grabbing


The algorithm-based system detects the properties of the bulk commodities and optimises the grab filling rates at any outreach. SmartGrip

Hybrid drive


The energy storage system ensures double lifting speeds and a significant reduction in fuel and emissions. Pactronic

Sway-free load

Anti-sway system

Ongoing calculations anticipate the path of the load. Pendulum movements are compensated for before they develop. More info

Crane simulators


Our simulators ensure efficient and realistic operator training for the entire maritime product portfolio. LiSIM

Fleet management


As an interface between the crane, customer and manufacturer, the system provides information about relevant crane, machine and handling data. LiDAT

Crane control system


The heart of the crane is responsible for the drive management, engine control, communication, diagnosis and safety. Litronic

Active heave compensation


The Active Heave Compensation System from Liebherr compensates for ships movements during offshore operations on the high seas. Heavetronic

Crane driver elevator


The Liebherr crane driver elevator LiUP is designed to transport the operator in a save and efficient way to his workplace. LiUP elevator

Environmental record

Green technology

The development of green technology and products is a matter of particular concern for Liebherr. Green technology

Maritime cranes

The Maritime Division produces a wide range of ship cranes, port cranes, offshore cranes and floating cranes. Maritime cranes


We supplement our products with attractive and reliable services – for a long-term partnership. Services and support

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