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The magazine for customers and friends of mobile and crawler cranes.

Mobile and crawler cranes

Insights and stories from the fascinating world of our mobile and crawler cranes. From new cranes and detailed operations to technical innovations with all kinds of exciting details, you can find out more in this category.

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There are at least three reasons for our category "Sustainable": Firstly, the topic is extremely important. Secondly, it is much too complex and multi-faceted for a single article. And thirdly, it is constantly changing due to technical developments.

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In focus

Individual crane components or interesting facts around the crane. The category "In Focus" looks behind the curtain and thinks beyond one’s nose. Exciting insights into the world of technology, crane construction and the most modern crane factory in the world.

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Totally digital

We dive into the world of zeros and ones. In "Totally digital", the spotlight is on our digital solutions around our cranes. With these solutions, we want to make your everyday crane work easier.

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Made with Liebherr

They would have been a great help in building the pyramids. Today, our mobile and crawler cranes are absolutely essential: in action all over the world, whether in refurbishment or new construction, in spectacular or just everyday hoists - these cranes are helping to change our world.

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My tip

We know how to build cranes. Down to the last detail. And our experts are happy to share their knowledge. Valuable tips from experienced service technicians, engineers and operations managers - from which you can benefit in daily crane operation.

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In the category "Background" we get to the bottom of the "how", the "when" and the "why". Important questions about crane families, crane construction or things you always wanted to ask - answered by our crane experts.

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A picture is worth a thousand words: In the category "Moments“, we have captured extraordinary pictures of the crane world for you - and posterity. From crane production to spectacular operation, everything is here for the eye.

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Simply explained

You know the situation: In magazines and discussions we are often confronted with jargon. In "Simply explained" we want to provide a simple definition to various pieces of industry jargon so that even non-specialists can understand what they actually mean.

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Video magazine

Since January 2020 our video magazine is the perfect complement to the UpLoad print magazine. Here, interviews with experts, the best crane moments and the latest innovations are captured once again in an entertaining and informative movie.

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You will find all issues of our magazine in the area "Downloads" as PDF files available for download.

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