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Liebherr excavators – innovative construction machinery for every application

Digging, excavating and shovelling are the main tasks of the excavator. Whether in civil engineering digging a pit or dredging in a body of water: Liebherr offers the optimum machine for every task.

Get an overview of all Liebherr excavators and find the right construction machine for your application. In addition to new machines, there is also a wide selection of used excavators. As an alternative to purchasing, Liebherr also offers the option of renting excavators in selected countries. A wide range of attachments are available for our machines. Excavator buckets and shovels, vibrators and hammers as well as grabs make your excavator a real working machine.

Traditional product excavator - experience for over 65 years

The Liebherr excavator is a true traditional product! Excavators have been an important part of the product range since the early 1950s. In 1953, Hans Liebherr developed one of Europe's first hydraulic excavator as a response to the rope excavators that had prevailed until then. The production of wheeled and crawler excavators was expanded in the following years and supplemented by large hydraulic excavators for the mining sector. In 1979, Liebherr presented the world's first hydraulically driven rope excavator with electronic control. In this way, the range of construction machinery continued to develop.

Today, the product range is more diverse than ever and Liebherr offers solutions for every construction project. Hydraulic excavators with crawler tracks score points in unstable ground conditions, while wheeled excavators can cover longer distances on the construction site thanks to their wheels. Pontoon excavators are the Liebherr solution for operations on and around water. The operating weights of Liebherr hydraulic excavators vary from the smallest compact excavator, the A 910 Compact, weighing 12 tonnes, to the largest excavator in the portfolio, the R 9800 mining excavator weighing 800 tonnes. The different sizes, from the small excavators to the large excavators, promise our customers a variety of options.

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