Dr. h.c. Isolde Liebherr, Dr. h.c. Willi Liebherr, Stéfanie Wohlfarth and Jan Liebherr look back on a successful year. The family members of the Liebherr administrative board give their insights into the Liebherr Group’s performance, key milestones and the challenges that lie ahead.

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The Bauma trade fair, a LEGO Technic R 9800 mining excavator and Liebherr on board the Boeing Dreamliner: browse through the Liebherr highlights of 2019!

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After Bauma is before Bauma

The year 2019 was dominated by Bauma. Months of preparation, tinkering until the last second. What does Liebherr make of the impressions gained? An insight.

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When ideas take shape

Complex data calculations, digital simulations and hundreds of hours driving and digging on challenging test sites a lot of work goes into perfecting the next generation of Liebherr earthmoving and material handling machines.

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Rostock Giants

1,400 tons on the hook. At a height of 40 metres. With the rough Baltic Sea at your back. At the first big lift of the TCC 78000, everything had to be right on the millimetre.

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2019 at a glance

The year 2019 in figures: In our infographics you can find the most important key figures for the year, technology topics Liebherr is working on and more at a glance.

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