Celebrating 10 years in Miami

Situated in Miami, a city known for its vibrant international community, Liebherr has thrived in serving customers within this dynamic and diverse area. Through strategic partnerships, dedication to customer satisfaction, and training a highly skilled workforce, Liebherr’s Miami branch has built a solid foundation, contributing to the local economy and fostering growth within the region.

From start to finish

Miami: The gateway to the Americas

Liebherr has been serving the Miami region since the early 2000s. Over the next decade, the Liebherr team grew from 10 to 40 employees further solidifying the company’s footprint. In 2013, Liebherr made a multi-million-dollar investment building the Liebherr-Miami facility based in Hialeah Gardens.

This 56,000 ft2 state-of-the-art facility was initially the main hub of sales and service for the company’s maritime cranes division. Once the Liebherr USA, Co. umbrella company was formed in 2016, the refrigeration and freezing product segment also joined the Miami branch providing appliances for residential and commercial applications. In 2018, tower cranes was the last product segment to join the Miami facility.

This location has continually played a pivotal role in Liebherr’s growth strategy in the US and solidifies the company’s position as a prominent player in the industry. The branch proximity to the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and Central America has provided unique opportunities to establish strong relationships and provide global innovations to customers throughout the Americas.

This facility is also ideally located near the port of Miami and the Miami International Airport. Utilizing this strategic location, Liebherr provides essential on-site customer support and advisory services to quickly fulfill customer inquiries and accelerate the distribution of parts and services across the region.

Maritime cranes

As the first major product segment based out of Miami, maritime cranes offerings include port equipment with mobile harbor cranes, container cranes, fixed port solutions as well as offshore, ship, and floating cranes. This center not only offers diverse maritime products and technologies but serves as a worldwide training hub for maritime customers, operators, and service through on-site simulator trainings and class sessions.

Refrigerators and freezers

Joining Miami in 2016, Liebherr’s refrigerators and freezers segment offers customers with a full product line of high-end refrigeration solutions for residential use, as well as commercial refrigeration and freezing units to support major industries such as food service and health care. This location is also equipped with an on-site show-room featuring luxury refrigerators and freezers.

Tower cranes

Liebherr is one of the world's largest tower crane suppliers. To continue expansion in the west, tower cranes joined the Miami location in 2018. The segment offers fast-erecting tower cranes including the 125K and top-slewing cranes including the 470 EC-B. This segment also offers digital solutions and consulting services to provide smart data analysis and maximize efficiency for all our customers and their application needs.

10 Years of Liebherr Growth

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  • 2016
  • 2018
  • 2019
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  • 2023
  • Today


Grand opening

Liebherr celebrates the official grand opening of the Miami branch. This multi-million-dollar investment provides essential on-site customer support and advisory services to quickly fulfill customer inquiries and accelerate the distribution of parts and services across the region.

This facility serves as the main hub for sales and service for the maritime product segement offering the full maritime product range including port handling equipment, offshore cranes, and ship cranes. This facility also provides training capabilities immediately upon opening.


Refrigerators and freezers join Miami

Liebherr USA, Co. is created as an umbrella company representing 10 product segments offered throughout the United States. Through this parent company formation, the refrigerators and freezers product segment joins the Miami location, offering free-standing and integrated residential cooling appliances as well as commercial cooling refrigeration for several sectors including scientific and healthcare, food services, retail, and merchandising.


Tower cranes join Miami

Tower cranes join Miami as the final product segment based out of this facility. This segment immediately offers self-erect cranes, top slewing cranes, luffing jib cranes, and derrick cranes.


First North American showroom

The Miami facility opens a brand-new refrigerators and freezers showroom showcasing many of their products on-site for sales training with distributors, dealers and trade partners. The team also expands the monolith column luxury product line featuring new designs and the latest in food preservation technology.


Product expansion for maritime cranes

Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd. joins the maritime division in Miami, adding 50 years of experience in crane development and manufacturing experience to the Miami team. Maritime cranes also release the rail-mounted, heavy lift crane TCC 78000, which is specifically designed to handle large sized goods in ports.


Refrigeration launch

The Ultra Low Freezer, ULT, is launched for commercial lab use and the monolith column product line continually expands. Refrigerators and freezers also expands BioFresh food preservation technology with EasyFresh technology.


New technologies

The maritime product segment releases the new Liebherr mobile harbor cranes, adding a key asset for handling cargo and bulk commodities.


Global innovation across the Americas

Liebherr USA, Co. celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the Miami branch and the major milestones this facility has accomplished. Each major product segment also celebrates the release of new products:

Maritime cranes releases the new CBG500E, an all-electric transshipment solution that combines the market demands for a reliable crane with high handling capacities.

Refrigerators and freezers begins offering a network of partners that distribute across North America and Canada as well as hundreds of contracted service companies nationwide.

Tower cranes launches the 470EC-B into the market and has continuously expanded their team year after year.


The Miami facility continues to grow and foster a close-knit community, embracing the diversity of the region. An employee appreciation event was held thanking employees for their hard work and dedication to Liebherr-Miami.

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