LC 80 WD

The LC 80 WD worm milling machine is specially designed for the efficient and economical series production of worms. Due to the high machine rigidity and fast automation, the newly developed machine is perfectly suited for the series production of automotive steering worms and for a variety of industrial worm applications. Excellent workpiece quality combined with above-average tool life have been demonstrated in the extensive testing phase. This unique concept is equipped with an additional station where chamfering or brushing can be carried out during the machining process. The machine concept is based on gear hobbing machine components, which are characterised by high precision and exceptional longevity. The internal ringloader allows workpieces to be loaded and unloaded very quickly, ensuring high productivity.
Workpiece diameter 80 mm

Technical data

Module 5.00 mm
Workpiece diameter 80 mm
Axial travel 400 mm