HSG 5-18 C/L Slurry wall grab

The hydraulic slurry wall grab is modularly designed and has an extremely robust base body. As the names of the grabs imply, HSG 5-18, slurry walls with thicknesses between 500 and 1800 mm can be installed, depending on the composition. The base body of the “L” (large) version is 2.5 m longer. The resulting total height of the grab at 9.5 m, as well as the high weight with low centre of gravity provide for even better vertical positioning and are especially advantageous when installing larger dimensioned slurry walls. When working in difficult ground conditions, the dead weight of the grab can be increased with an additional weight of 7 t. Bites with lengths of 2500-3600 mm and maximum depths of 90 m can be excavated with the grab.
Wall thickness 500 - 1,800 mm
Jaw opening width 2,500 - 3,600 mm
Max. closing force at teeth 594 kN


The modular design of the grab promises a high level of flexibility and enables the optimum adaptation to jobsite requirements.


The grab convinces with its robust design and high closing force. These properties provide a decisive advantage especially in hard soils.

Basic machine and grab perfectly matched

Thanks to the synchronisation of the hoisting winches high grab weights are viable and the lifting capacity of the duty cycle crawler crane is optimally utilized.


The robust design of the grab and the synchronized free-fall winches allow for light chiselling as accustomed with mechanical grabs.

Hydraulic rotating device

Alignment of the grab in all directions as well as quick and operator-friendly 180° rotation after each grab cycle thanks to a hydraulic rotating device. The assistance of an employee on the ground is no longer required.

Easy maintenance

Opening and closing of the grab jaws is synchronised via push rods. This mechanism is reliable and easy to maintain. The piston rods of the hydraulic cylinders are protected inside the grab body.

Wall thickness 500 - 1,800 mm
Jaw opening width 2,500 - 3,600 mm
Max. cylinder force 2 x 924 kN
Max. closing force at teeth 594 kN
Weight version C (compact) 13.2 - 24.7 t
Weight version L (large) 14.4 - 31.3 t
Total height version C (compact) 6,500 mm
Total height version L (large) 9,200 mm
Rotation (left/right) 0 - 180 °
Max. working depth 90 m
Open / close 8/8 sec

Semi-Kelly guide

The optional semi-Kelly guide on the boom head of the duty cycle crawler crane provides for steady guidance of the grab outside the trench. This makes rotation and alignment of the grab easier for the operator and accelerates the process.

Grab extension

The grab extension increases weight and length of the grab and therefore enhances the verticality of the trench. It is recommended for depths exceeding 40 m.

Lower guide bar extensions

Additionally available guide bar extensions allow for the grab to be aligned in the trench more quickly. These extensions are mounted on the existing guide bars.

Additional weight

Additional weights are available in various sizes up to 7 t. These are used when working in hard soils.

Adjustable guide bars

During excavation work the grab direction can be corrected using the guide bars and so higher verticality of the slurry wall is achieved. The system is driven hydraulically and remote-controlled from the cabin. The grab must be equipped with a hydraulic rotating device.

Verticality Assistant

This system monitors the slurry wall installation process by measuring the deviations between the slurry wall and the grab. Additionally the productivity data is recorded.

The slurry wall grab is guided vertically along the stop-end element via the stop-end guide. Furthermore, this guide serves to scrape off and loosen the excess/seeping concrete from the stop-end element.

Slurry wall installation with grab

A clamshell grab excavates the slurry wall panels. more

Verticality Assistant

Verticality Assistant

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Slurry wall grab HSG 5-18 C/L

Slurry wall grab HSG 5-18 C/L

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