Press releases | 02/08/2016 Hanchang takes delivery of Liebherr LR 11000 crawler crane

  • LR 11000 delivers high-performance and compact design
  • Hanchang completes its fleet of crawler cranes with new 1,000-tonne machine
  • Global Liebherr service one of the main reasons behind the Hanchang purchase

Hanchang Heavy Equipment Co., one of the largest crane contractors in South Korea, officially took delivery of a new Liebherr LR 11000 crawler crane in mid-December 2015. At the same time Hanchang unveiled the 1000-tonne lattice boom crane to its customers and partners on its site in Ulsan. The new crane will supplement Hanchang's existing fleet of crawler cranes between the Liebherr LR 1750 and LR 11350 machines. Hanchang's reasons for buying the LR 11000 include its outstanding load capacities in all configurations and the very compact design of the Liebherr 1,000-tonne machine.

Hanchang now has a fleet of 14 Liebherr crawler cranes. The LR 11000 filled the gap between a 750-tonne and a 1,350-tonne machine. Demand for the LR 11000 takes the form of current and future projects for lattice boom cranes in the 1000-tonne class in Korea. The first job for the new machine will be in the petrochemical industry. S.T. Kim, President of the company, explains: “The LR 11000 from Liebherr is the most modern crane in its class. In particular it is the best choice for jobs at restricted sites because, despite its high load capacities, it has a very compact design.”

The LR 11000 was ordered with a full range of equipment: 108 metre main boom, 114 metre luffing jib, derrick system and ballast trailer. This will enable Hanchang to tackle a particularly wide range of jobs with it. The company will be able to cover demand from its customers both in Korea and also for international jobs better with its newly expanded fleet of crawler cranes.

Liebherr's worldwide, dense service network was one of the main reasons behind Hanchang's purchase. S.T. Kim continues: “We can use our cranes all over the world because Liebherr is everywhere for us. Liebherr builds modern, high-performance cranes with high quality. And when we come to sell them, the value of its used cranes is higher than that of its competitors.”

Hanchang first open for business in 1990 and now operates 35 cranes with a workforce of approximately 50. Hanchang bought its first Liebherr crane in 1995. The new LR 11000 is its 20th crawler crane from Liebherr. The company's strategy is to continue to develop as a global crane contractor and position itself among major global crane service providers. With this in mind, the company's global focus is constantly being driven forwards.