News | 02/14/2023 Commissioning of second giant excavator for AMMAN

PT Liebherr Indonesia Perkasa (Liebherr Indonesia) has commissioned a second R 9800 G6 mining excavator for PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara (AMMAN) at the Batu Hijau mine in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

Liebherr and Amman with a ceremonial R 9800 key to symbolise the handover of the mining excavator.

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On 30th October 2022, Liebherr Indonesia completed the assembly and commissioning of the 800-tonne class mining excavator for AMMAN. The ceremonial handover of the machine now took place at the Batu Hijau mine. Representatives from AMMAN, including the General Manager for Mining, Wayne Perry, and the technicians were present at the handover of the machine. Liebherr Indonesia’s General Manager, Max Muench, and the Project Manager, Laurent Fricker, presented an oversized R 9800 key to symbolise the completion of the delivery, assembly, and commissioning process.

Laurent Fricker expressed his appreciation of the entire assembly team for their exceptional efforts in achieving an incredibly fast assembly time. “Normally, it would take an average of 45 days to assemble an R 9800, but our committed and skilled technicians were able to complete it in just 20 days," he said.

AMMAN’s first R 9800 G6 was commissioned in April 2021, and since then Liebherr Indonesia has received positive feedback from the customer. According to the mining company, the first R 9800 has been an important asset in helping AMMAN meet its production targets. The arrival of the second R 9800 will boost overall production even further. Christian Bombenger, Managing Director of Liebherr Indonesia, said, "Even for us at Liebherr, excavators of this size are impressive. To see them in action, operated by such an important customer, in a mine with top-notch mining practices, is a sheer delight."

The R 9800 is the largest hydraulic excavator in the Liebherr portfolio and is the ideal loading tool for ultra-class mining trucks with a haul capacity upwards of 240 tonnes. In its standard configuration, the R 9800 comes with a 47.5 m3 bucket capacity, allowing operators to move 76 tonnes of material in each pass. This 800-tonne class excavator provides a cost-effective and highly productive mining solution for large-scale mining operations around the world.

AMMAN is Indonesia's second-largest copper and gold mining and processing company with world-class operational capabilities. The company operates Batu Hijau mine and other copper and gold prospects which are located in West Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara province.