Press releases | 01/20/2023 After electrifying visitors at Bauma: What's next for the Battery-Electric Arocs truck mixer?

The future of the truck mixer is electric. For several years now, Liebherr has been offering truck mixers with electric drum drive in the ETM-series, and fully electric truck mixers are also part of the range. At Bauma 2022, Liebherr-Mischtechnik GmbH presented the next development step in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Trucks and the Paul Group: the prototype of the first electrified Arocs, the "Battery-Electric Arocs". What´s next for the prototype? We asked Alexander Pifko, developer of the ETM at Liebherr, and Nico Müller, product manager at Liebherr.

Nico Müller, product manager and Alexander Pifko, developer of the ETM, at Liebherr.

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The Battery-Electric Arocs is the result of a cooperation between Liebherr-Mischtechnik GmbH, Mercedes-Benz Trucks and the Paul Group.

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What feedback did you get from customers on the Battery-Electric Arocs, when it was presented at Bauma 2022?

Nico Müller: "The Battery-Electric Arocs prototype attracted a lot of attention at Bauma, among visitors, in the media and not least among our customers. Basically, we are facing the challenge that construction sites will become increasingly low-emission in the coming years. With the Battery-Electric Arocs we are making an important contribution to CO2-neutral concrete transport and the construction site of the future. With its fully electric battery drive, the prototype also complements Liebherr's existing portfolio of alternative drives.“

What is special about this truck mixer prototype?

Nico Müller: "The Battery-Electric Arocs is the first fully-electric truck mixer based on the Arocs truck. It is an example of what can be achieved when experts from different industries work together. We were able to combine our expertise in the field of ready-mixed concrete with the vehicle technology know-how of Mercedes-Benz Trucks and the many years of experience of Paul Group in the development of special machinery."

Alexander Pifko: "The result is impressive. The prototype was developed on the basis of the Mercedes-Benz Arocs. Both the truck and the truck mixer are fully electric. With its up to seven battery packs, the Battery-Electric Arocs can achieve a range of up to 200km including continuous operation of the superstructure on the construction site. Our ETM-905 electric truck mixer with 9-cubic metre drum is also powered by the truck's traction battery, eliminating the need for a separate battery for the drum."

How long did the development process take and when will the Battery-Electric Arocs be available on the market?

Alexander Pifko: "Through our close partnership with Mercedes-Benz Trucks we came up with this idea together and with the experience of the Paul Group this project could be realised. A project of this magnitude naturally takes a certain amount of time from the idea to a prototype. We already started discussions a few years ago. At the end of 2023, the first small series will go on sale. Flexible configurations will be available as 3- and 4-axle vehicles for the Liebherr truck mixer superstructure. After that, we will of course continue to work on the project to further optimise the Battery-Electric Arocs."

Where is technological development heading on the road to the construction site of the future?

Nico Müller: "At Liebherr we have a technology-neutral approach. We develop solutions that suit our customers as well as the application area of the machine and the business activities of their company. This can vary depending on the circumstances and the infrastructure on site. Therefore, we also want to help shape change here without losing sight of conventional models. Our know-how enables us to carry out parallel production of truck mixers with hydraulic (HTM) or electric (ETM) drum drive. In future, these can be married to both conventionally and electrically driven chassis. There is also the possibility of building on a gas-powered chassis, as we also presented at Bauma 2022."


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