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Fuel Costs Matter

Fuel savings motor

A Decisive Factor for the Purchase of a Liebherr Machine

The newest Liebherr drive and control systems offer several optional features that help to reduce fuel consumption and maximize the reliability and productivity of duty cycle crawler cranes as well as piling and drilling rigs.

Increased Power Through Engine Functions

Downsizing of the Engine
Thanks to the machine’s optimized hydraulic system the size of the primary source can be reduced without negative effects on the turnover. The efficiency is thus significantly increased while the fuel consumption is decreased.
In the new duty cycle crawler crane HS 8130 HD, for instance, the engine power has been reduced to 505 kW compared to 670 kW in the preceding model.
Engines of the Latest Generation
Deep foundation machines are fitted with Liebherr’s own diesel engines. All diesel engines complying with Stage IV/TIER 4f have a limited maximum speed of only 1,700 rpm. This contributes to fuel savings of approximately 5% compared to previous engines.
Fuel savings stopp automatic

Automatic Engine Stop Control

The engine switches off automatically during longer work interruptions after having checked certain system functions. These include the actual charge level of the battery, the operating temperature of the engine as well as the control that all machine functions are deactivated. This saves fuel and reduces emissions. At the same time the machine has fewer operating hours, thus increasing its residual value, extending both its warranty and the maintenance intervals.
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Eco-Silent Mode

With the aid of this function the engine speed is reduced to a required predefined level. Hence, a notable reduction in diesel consumption can be achieved without any impact on operational output. As a further benefit, noise is also reduced by the Eco-Silent Mode.
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Lower Engine Speed While Idling

Deep foundation machines and duty cycle crawler cranes are in idling mode for 45% of their operating time. With the lowering of the engine speed from 950 rpm to 750 rpm while the machine is in idling mode, up to two litres of fuel per hour can be saved.

Efficiency+ Fuel savings calculator

Save fuel with Liebherr construction machinery

By entering your own empirical values, users can also calculate the personal savings potential. Calculate

Efficiency+ Liebherr Power Efficiency


The Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE) system, developed by Liebherr, regulates all power management processes in the machine. Continue

Efficiency+ Wheeled excavators


The Liebherr diesel engines set the consumption benchmark in their performance class. They impress with their high fuel efficiency, long service life and high torque. The maximum power is already provided at low speeds. Continue

Efficiency+ Crawler excavators

Integrated Liebherr excavator system technology

The Liebherr integrated excavator system technology is a high-tech equipment for strong performance for the crawler excavator. This equipment is based on the hydraulic system Positive Control, an intelligent system based on sensors. Continue

Efficiency+ Wheel loaders


The innovative drive concepts of the Liebherr wheel loaders considerably increase the operational efficiency. Due to the unique component mounting position in the rear of the machine, unnecessary ballast can be dispensed with. Continue

Efficiency+ crawler cranes, piling and drilling rigs

Increased efficiency through engine functions

The latest drive and control systems from Liebherr offer various optional functions. They help to reduce the fuel consumption of crawler cranes, hydraulic rope excavators and piling and drilling rigs. Continue

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