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The LS 800 E

Tradition meets future.

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The all-electric LS 800 E

Liebherr's LS 800 E crane boasts an impressive all-electric drive concept, with each section electrically driven for increased energy efficiency and reduced CO₂ emissions. With expertise in all-electric drives and in-house development and procurement, Liebherr is well-positioned to meet the future environmental requirements of the maritime industry.

The crane's compact design allows for easy integration into ships and better utilization of space below deck. With increasing demand for heavy lift vessels, Liebherr sees a growth market in the 800-tonne crane segment and expands its product portfolio. With decades of experience building ship cranes, Liebherr is no stranger to the industry and is ready to meet the challenge.

Reduced CO₂ emissions
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Safe and precise operation
Efficient loading

Unique features of the flexible problem solver

The electrically driven heavy-lift crane combines environmental protection with a robust system. Besides the crane is space-saving and utilizes "In-house" components, sourced from Liebherr and strategically located inside the crane.

  • Removable tugger winches

    There are removable tugger winches with fiber ropes on the slewing column for safe handling with the load.

  • High quality cabin

    The cabin is made of high quality stainless steel.

  • Maintenance platform

    Maintenance platforms are located at the slewing column head for easy accessibility during servicing.

  • Maintenance hatch

    There is a hatch on the slewing column for optimal maintenance of large components.

  • Hook garage

    For a clear deck, in the vertical boom parking position, all hooks are in the hook garage.

  • Non-corrosive polyamide rope pulleys

    The rope pulleys on the boom head and on the slewing column are non-corroding polyamide rope pulleys



Heavy Lift Shipping has never been greener.