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HLC series - Heavy Lift Cranes

Liebherr Heavy Lift Cranes (HLC) are specially designed for the installation of offshore wind turbine foundations and for the assembly and dismantling of offshore installations in the oil and gas industry. Depending on the customer's ship and application concept, Liebherr offers the best solution for worldwide offshore use with a wide range of cranes in the HLC series.

The HLC series benefits from Liebherr's high level of vertical integration. Numerous in-house components ensure smooth operation of these offshore cranes. Based on over 40 years of experience and constantly proven worldwide under the most demanding operating conditions, these components are characterised by the highest quality and long service life.

HLC 295000 – The Allrounder

HLC 295000 – The Allrounder

Some applications are served best with a Swiss Army Knife. In terms of offshore installations the HLC-series with its HLC 295000 model is the solution to a lot of offshore construction challenges. Whether it’s the decommissioning of abandoned assets, the installation of offshore foundations or installation of new platforms and substations, the HLC cranes will not let you down.

HLC 295000

  • “Fully-equipped” approach
  • Compact footprint
  • Innovative trolley-hoist system
  • Adjustable Fly-Jib concept
Strongest Liebherr cranes
Smart features & parts
Compact & versatile
24/7 global service

HLC 150000

  • Specialized for foundation installation
  • Compact design
  • Subsea-capable split hook operations
  • Foldable A-Frame
  • Advanced energy-consumption profile
HLC 150000 – The Specialist

HLC 150000 – The Specialist

The foundations for offshore wind turbines, whether it’s a jacket or a monopile, mark one of the initial installation phases of an offshore wind farm. The HLC 150000 with its compact boom, precise crane controls and powerful drives is specially designed to accelerate the necessary installation steps and to best possible serve the related construction vessel and its mission.

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Rise of a giant

With a maximum lifting capacity of up to 5,000 tonnes and a maximum lifting height of 175 metres above deck, the HLC 295000 is the largest offshore crane Liebherr has ever manufactured. With this offshore crane and its modern technologies, the Orion is currently considered the most innovative vessel in the offshore wind industry. By dismantling the old and building up the new energy, the HLC series can promote the energy transition "at both ends of development" for a more sustainable future.

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Liebherr cranes working on both ends of the energy transition. Whether it’s an abandoned Oil & Gas platform or a jacket foundation at its end-of-life – the HLC is the ultimate tool to get rid of such residues.

Jacket installation

Jacket foundations remain the means of choice when it comes to certain water depths or range of applications. With its outstanding hook height and remarkable lifting capacity even taller jackets are no problem for the HLC series.

Topside installations

Single platforms lifts or the stepwise installation of platform-components for the established O & G sector or for the rising Renewables are the characteristic domain of the HLC series. Those tasks are supported by its abundant lifting capacity and its very precise Litronic® crane controls.

Monopile installation

When we talk about monopile installation, the HLC cranes feel “like a fish in the water”. Even the biggest monopiles do not really challenge the HLC series, considering all necessary operational steps from harbour loadout over the upending operation to the final transition piece installation.

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  • Trolley hoist
  • Cabin
  • Compact design
  • Foldable A-frame

Trolley hoist

In order to move smaller loads as efficiently as possible, the HLC series can be equipped with one or more trolley hoists. The trolley rails of the Heavy Lift cranes are guided along the bottom of the main boom. In addition to the crane function, the trolley hoist winches can also be used as constant pull winches for load stabilisation. The hoisting rope of the trolley hoist is attached to the hoisting load and can be moved upwards with the hoisting load due to the travel capability of the trolley. This guarantees an optimum rope take-off angle to the hoisting load, so that it is optimally calmed down.


High-End control cabin for advanced operations
The cranes of the HLC series are supplied with an extra-large two-room cabin offering the crane operator maximum comfort and an ergonomically optimal working environment. In the entrance area of the cabin there is a refrigerator as well as an office with chair, desk and shelves.

In addition to the primary operator seat, a secondary operator seat can be installed in the cabin. Both seats are positioned next to each other in the front room of the cabin. While all main and auxiliary functions of the crane are operated from the primary operator seat, auxiliary functions (constant-pull winches, trolley hoists, sling hoists etc.) can optionally be assigned to the secondary operator seat. During complex lifts, a second crane operator can assist the main operator by controlling the auxiliary functions.

Compact design

The HLC is installed on a base column with only 14 m / 16.8 m diameter. The crane thus requires little space on deck and offers more storage space to the vessel for the components to be transported and lifted. Despite this small footprint, the HLC series can lift a payload of 3,000 t / 5,000 t at an outreach of 30 m / 35 m. Due to the special slip ring configuration, the HLCs have an unlimited slewing range: the Heavy Lift Cranes can rotate continuously without having to swing back to an initial position.

Foldable A-frame

The A-frame of the HLC series can be "folded" at the customer's request by means of an innovative mechanism. This reduces the overall height of the ship, including the crane, and allows it to pass under bridges. Transit times can thus be considerably reduced.

Background: In order to achieve the greatest possible lifting height, these type of cranes are usually installed on very high base columns. However, this increases the overall height of the ship including the crane. It is sometimes not possible to cross waters over which bridges lead, which in turn means that longer alternative routes have to be used.


An enhancement for the energy transition

Offshore wind farms are being built more and more frequently to enable sustainable energy production. At the same time, ageing offshore oil and gas platforms are being dismantled. The HLC heavy duty crane series has been developed for both applications.

For the decommissioning of offshore oil and gas installations, there is a focus on dismantling as large parts as possible in order to reduce the need for flame-cutting works offshore as well as the overall number of necessary transport round-trips. With lifting capacities up to 5,000 tonnes and corresponding outreaches Liebherr's HLC series perfectly fits into that set of requirements.


Technical details

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  HLC 295000 HLC 150000
Max. lifting capacity 5,000 t 3,000 t
Max. outreach 151 m 84 m
Max. lifting height 175 m 121 m
Fly Jib capacity up to 1,500 t no Fly Jib
Base column 16.8 m 14 m
Slewing range unlimited unlimited

Outstanding: The Liebherr global service-network

The Liebherr group provides a best-practice world-wide sales and service network. It’s Liebherr’s self-perception, that our dedication, care, and sense of responsibility as a leading crane manufacturer does not end as soon the crane has been handed over. The delivery date simply just marks the beginning of a long-term partnership. Whenever the customer needs the support of our remote technical advisors or our service engineers on the ground, they will be there.