Liebherr Efficiency+ for Crawler excavators

Integrated Liebherr excavator system technology

Increased productivity: The new Liebherr crawler excavator R 936 is optimised for applications in the earthmoving area

Increased productivity: The new Liebherr crawler excavator R 936 is optimised for applications in the earthmoving area

Liebherr’s integrated excavator system technology is high tech equipment for powerful crawler excavator performance. This equipment is based on the Positive Control hydraulic system, an intelligent system based on sensors, which are attached at strategic points on the excavator. Every command from the driver is processed by the computer, which controls operation of the engine and hydraulic system optimally. This facilitates fast, fluid and precise work. If required, the pump circuits can work independently or together thereby making optimal energy utilisation possible. Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE) allows maximum work performance to be attained from every drop of fuel.


Liebherr diesel engines set the standard for fuel consumption in their power class. They boast excellent fuel efficiency, long service and high torque. Maximum power is produced even at low revs. The result is less stress on the components while maximum performance is retained, and the lower engine speed reduces fuel consumption.

Optimally matched components

Key components such as the diesel engine, hydraulic components, electronics components, slewing ring and swivelling drive are developed and produced by Liebherr itself. The great depth of in-house manufacturing guarantees maximum quality and provides for optimal configuration of components.

Intelligent workmodes

E (ECO):

for especially economical and environmentally friendly operation

S (Sensitive):

for precision work and lifting through very sensitive movements

P (Power):

for maximum digging power and heavy duty jobs

P+ (Power-Plus):

for highest performance and for very heavy duty applications, suitable for continuous operation

Automatic idling function

The standard automatic idling function reduces the engine speed to idle if no hydraulic function is activated for a few seconds. Proximity sensors in the joystick levers restore the original engine speed as soon as the driver's hand is moved towards the lever again.

This ensures that the set engine speed is available as soon as the lever is touched. The result is a combination of fuel saving and reduced noise levels. Operating costs can be reduced even further with the optional automatic engine cut-off function.

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Liebherr diesel engines are characterized by their high specific power.

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Integrated Liebherr excavator system technology

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