Press releases | 10/27/2023 Exceptional performance: Sistermi chooses Liebherr LTM 1250-5.1

  • Sistermi invests in LTM 1250-5.1 for industrial assembly and maintenance application
  • Power, safety and precision are decisive factors for the Liebherr mobile crane

The high reliability, strong lifting capacities and modern technologies of the Liebherr mobile crane were the main factors in the purchase decision of the Brazilian crane contractor Sistermi for the LTM 1250-5.1. The 5-axle crane will be used in chemical, petrochemical, steel, mining and pulp industries, operating in assembly and industrial maintenance.

Left to the right: Fabio Azevedo (Liebherr Brasil Ltda), Julio Martins (Sistermi Locação de Máquinas e Equipamentos Ltda.) and Rene Porto (Liebherr Brasil Ltda)

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With more than 40 years of experience in assembly and industrial maintenance, Sistermi Locação de Máquinas e Equipamentos Ltda. has expanded its fleet with the all-terrain crane LTM 1250-5.1. The demand for a more powerful mobile crane with longer boom systems has increased in the rental company's operation area: “We have chosen the 250 tonne model intending to increase the load capacity and lifting height of our equipment in this crane class, meeting the needs of our customers”, explains Juliano Martins, director of Sistermi.

The decision in favour of the Liebherr crane is based on the quality of the products and the reliability of the brand. “Our customers have high expectations when it comes to operational safety. That is why Liebherr cranes are immensely popular with them, as they are equipped with the well-known technologies needed to ensure high safety in operations. In addition, these cranes stand for reliability and high availability, so that deadlines can be met easily”, concludes Martins.

The LTM 1250-5.1 was designed to achieve maximum load capacity with a 5-axle mobile crane. It is equipped with the latest technologies developed by Liebherr, which guarantee safety and adaptability of the crane, such as the VarioBallast®. This system allows a quick change between small ballast radius for constricted job sites and a large ballast radius for maximum lifting capacities. The 250-tonne mobile crane also features the proven VarioBase®, ECOmode and ECOdrive technologies, which makes it even more efficient due to its variable applications.

“The LTM 1250-5.1 is a versatile crane that comes with Liebherr’s unique technologies, ensuring a safe and flexible operation. It is an excellent addition to any fleet: offering unmatched capacities on five axles”, explains Divisional Manager of mobile and crawler cranes at Liebherr Brasil, Rene Porto.


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