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The LS-C series

The compact LS-C series offers space-saving solutions for various kinds of vessels. With capacities up to 100 tonnes, LS-C cranes can handle everything from dry bulk to general cargo and containers.

LS-C cranes are distinguished by their low self-weight and building height. Due to the position of the boom pivot point a maximum of loading space can be utilized. Furthermore, the low centre of gravity of LS-C cranes supports the stability of the vessel and increases the intake of the load.

  • Easy accessibility during maintenance is ensured by locating maintenance platforms at the top of the slewing column.

  • The crane's low body height enhances visibility from the ship's bridge.

  • Positioning the boom above the driver's cabin offers the driver an unobstructed view.

  • Double-acting cylinders provide firm support for the boom at all angles.

  • Utilizing a wide rope field helps minimize movement during handling.

  • The ship's stability is enhanced by its low weight and low center of gravity.

  • Thanks to the stable and controlled boom, it's possible to achieve extremely small minimum working radii.


Product range

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Crane type LS-C 40 LS-C 60 LS-C 80 LS-C 100
Max. capacity 40 t 60 t 80 t 100 t
Outreach (max.) 30 m 32 m 38 m 43 m
Total weight (appr.) 40 t 45 t 70 t 80 t

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Advantages at a glance

Compact design

The low construction height of the LS-C facilitates high levels of visibility and safety on deck. Due to the short minimum radius, it is possible to place the goods in the immediate vicinity of the crane. Since the boom is parked over the load, there is more space for your goods.


The wide rope field at the hook provides for safe operation and optimal positioning of the cargo. The double-acting hydraulic cylinders support the boom in all positions.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance-free chrome and nickel-coated hydraulic cylinders and robust electronic components facilitate economical and low-maintenance operation.

Optimal viewing angle

The strategic positioning of the driver’s cabin directly under the boom provides an unrestricted view of the deck and the cargo hold for the crane driver at all outreaches.