Turnover in the mining product segment amounted to € 1,227 million in the 2022 business year, representing an increase of € 81 million or 7.1 % compared with the previous year.

Development compared to previous year

Turnover in € m
from 1,146
( + 7.1% ) 0
Investments in € m
from 59
( + 35.6% ) 0
from 4,000
( + 4.8% ) 0

Turnover by sales regions

  1. European Union
  2. North America
  3. Central and South America
  4. Non-EU countries
  5. Asia and Oceania
  6. Africa, Near and Middle East

Growth in the face of adversity

The worldwide demand for raw materials, and the equipment needed to extract them, remained strong throughout 2022. This was despite the challenges presented by global inflation, the international energy crisis, and the war in Ukraine. The overall turnover of Liebherrʼs mining product segment varied in the different sales regions. In the EU and in non-EU countries, Liebherr recorded a moderate decrease in turnover. Thanks to the thriving Canadian and American markets, Liebherr saw encouraging growth in turnover in North America. In Middle and South America, Panama and Colombia were the driving forces behind Liebherrʼs increased turnover. In Africa, Near and Middle East, turnover also increased. In Asia and Oceania, however, Liebherr achieved a turnover slightly below the level of the previous business year.

Liebherr has taken great strides in the decarbonisation space. Through internal developments, partnerships and thorough industry research, the company is determined to meet customer requirements as the need for zero emission solutions increases.

Continuous innovation and improvement

At Bauma 2022 in Munich (Germany), Liebherr unveiled its R 9300 Generation 8 excavator. The R 9300 has been furnished with the latest technology and can be adapted for future CO₂ emissions and automation requirements.

In the vertical integration space, Liebherr has made the R 9400, R 9600, R 9800, T 264, T 274 and T 284 all available with Liebherr engines, creating a single point-of-call for customers.

Within Liebherr Miningʼs technology product range, Assistance Systems for off-highway trucks were expanded to include both the Trolley Guidance and Crusher Guidance Systems. The development and integration of the Autonomy Ready Kits into the T 264, T 274 and T 284 was completed in 2022. Liebherr Miningʼs first fully autonomous off-highway trucks performed successfully on proving grounds in the past year. Based on these achievements, the first autonomous haulage fleet is now scheduled to start operating on a mine site in 2023.

Liebherr demonstrated its commitment to offering customers low emissions solutions for all its product range in 2022. All Liebherr trucks are now trolley-line compatible, which will help customers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. These trucks have also been designed to be compatible with future electric battery technologies. Liebherr also completed its Zero Emission Mining feasibility study in 2022, which investigated available technologies in order to determine how the company can effectively progress within the zero emission area in the future.

An important part of Liebherrʼs commitment to decarbonising the mining industry was the signing of an integration and supply agreement with Fortescue Metals Group in June 2022. This agreement involves integrating electric battery and fuel cell systems into the T 264 off-highway truck. After an initial period with conventional manned and diesel T 264 trucks starting operation on Fortescueʼs mine sites, the fleets will gradually be converted into battery powered trucks to allow Fortescue to achieve their ambitious Zero Emission Targets for heavy mobile equipment. To support the increased off-highway truck production that is required to fulfil the future delivery requirements, Liebherr plans to further invest in, and grow, both the Colmar (France) and Newport News (USA) factories over the next few years.