Efficiency+ Wheel Loaders


The innovative drive concepts of the Liebherr wheel loaders considerably increase working efficiency. Unnecessary counterweight can be avoided through the unique component mounting position at the rear of the machine. Ideal weight distribution results in high tipping loads and greater handling capacity per hour of operation. The Liebherr wheel loaders impress in every field of application due to their great productivity and efficiency. Lift arms optimised for use and wide-ranging attachments in place make them extremely versatile and universally applicable. The wide variety of options for specific requirements also increases the range of possible applications.

Fuel efficiency

Liebherr wheel loaders make a reliable contribution to commercial success. The fuel-efficient drive concept reduces operating costs and environmental impact at maximum handling capacity. The Liebherr driveline with Liebherr-Power-Efficiency (LPE) achieves a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 30%. In addition there is minimal tyre wear and hardly any brake wear. Liebherr-Power-Efficiency (LPE) optimises the interaction between diesel engine, gearbox and working hydraulics for maximum efficiency. At highest efficiency this reduces operating costs and increases profitability.


Strong construction and rugged steel components result in reliable and powerful performance. The use of in-house produced components which are ideally adapted to each other, guarantees maximum performance. Even under the toughest of usage conditions, Liebherr wheel loaders satisfy Liebherr’s stringent quality standards. This ensures reliable use throughout the entire life time of the machine. Consistently powerful machines increase productivity.


The modern, ergonomic cabin design provides the operator with maximum comfort enabling him to concentrate on his work without fatigue, which once again means more safety and productivity. The generous glass surfaces of the cab offer exceptional all-round visibility. This ensures maximum safety for people, the machine and the load, while increasing productivity at the same time.


The most important points for daily maintenance of Liebherr wheel loaders can be reached safely and conveniently. The entire engine compartment is accessible via just one enclosure. Quick and safe checks save time and money.

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Liebherr diesel engines are characterized by their high specific power.

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