World champion in telescopic boom construction

The longest boom in the world, which can be carried on the crane with an axle load of 12 tonnes. The new LTM 1300-6.3 adds a versatile, economical fast-erecting crane with an unbeatable telescopic boom length to the Liebherr crane portfolio. Unrivalled as the new benchmark in the 300 tonne class.

We continue to push the envelope in terms of the accepted limits of what is technically possible. For the first time in the crane industry, engineers at Liebherr have managed to design a mobile crane which can carry an immensely long telescopic boom of 90 meters on the road. And at the same time, Liebherr has not spared anything – the 6-axle, powerful fast-erecting crane has a full range of technical features.

“The boom has been designed using the timetested concept. A whole host of detailed improvements has enabled us to save weight all over the crane,” explains Franz Ölberger. He is the Head of Telescopic Boom Design, and continues: “We managed to fit a complete additional telescopic section to the 300 tonne crane to enable us to reach a length of 90 meters.” This means that the new LTM 1300-6.3 has a total of 7 telescopic sections. That is one section more than on the LTM 1300-6.2, for example, which is also part of the Liebherr product portfolio.

Franz Ölberger - Head of Telescopic Boom Design
Franz Ölberger - Head of Telescopic Boom Design

Off to new heights

The chassis of the LTM 1300-6.3 is particularly lightweight, which means that loadbearing parts could be reinforced and the boom extended. “This extremely lightweight design is the result of many years of experience and new developments in construction, structural engineering and our suppliers’ structural steel production methods. A whole host of factors play a role,” adds Franz Ölberger. The weight reductions on the chassis include, for example, the single-stage front outriggers, yet the crane still delivers a wide range of possible support configuration due to its VarioBase®Plus system.

Every single gram on the LTM 1300-6.3 is in the right place.

Franz Ölberger - Head of Telescopic Boom Design

A different axle design and mounting make the vehicle frame more rigid. Additional improvements were also made using modern structural engineering calculation methods. “Another point is that our suppliers can now produce the components even more precisely. This has enabled us to improve the way in which the telescopic sections retract into their storage position and the gaps between the sections are smaller,” continues Franz Ölberger. “That means that the internal sections have a larger cross-section, making the boom more rigid and giving it a greater lifting capacity.”

“Suppliers continue to make improvements alongside us. The structural steelwork is very good,” confirms Ludwig Förder, Telescopic Boom Assembly Manager in Ehingen, and adds: “That is the only way we could complete the assembly work on such a long boom satisfactorily. A long boom creates several challenges for us”. The individual sections must be aligned to each other in both the longitudinal direction and in slewing with absolute precision. “We can rely on our specialists in the Assembly Department. Our colleagues have a great deal of experience, expertise and sensitivity. They managed to achieve a tolerance of just 20 millimeters with a boom length of 90 meters. With seven sections, that is really an art form”, says Ludwig Förder in praise of the specialists in his department. The end result is always the clean, smooth extension and retraction of the boom.

Ludwig Förder (left) and Peter Munding ensure that the boom is erected smoothly.
Ludwig Förder (left) and Peter Munding ensure that the boom is erected smoothly.

One of the factors behind this is that Liebherr has improved the production process over the last few years. Peter Munding, Telescopic Boom Assembly Production Foreman, explains: “The boom sections have already their final coating when they arrive here in the assembly hall. The adjustment work is carried out on the painted, hardened telescopic sections which can therefore be adjusted perfectly. Furthermore, all the sliding surfaces are perfectly lubricated”. The enormous space requirement for the 90 meter boom for the new LTM 1300-6.3 means that the personnel face some big challenges. Including the pivot section and cylinder, the boom requires over 125 meters in the hall before it is assembled. Then we also require a few more meters for transport and working routes. So it is a good thing that Liebherr also has some smaller cranes in its portfolio.

Our assembly specialists adjust every single boom with all their expertise and sensitivity to achieve the best possible quality.

Ludwig Förder - Telescopic Boom Assembly Manager

Fast and flexible – new benchmark in the 300 tonne class

To sum up – the crane concept is excellent – the LTM 1300-6.3 is a new benchmark in the 6-axle class. It features superb equipment and all the new features – VarioBase®Plus, VarioBallast®, AutoBallast and the singleengine concept. Furthermore, the various load charts for different wind speeds are available for all operating modes. It is a crane for maximum versatility, performance and safety.

As a bonus, Liebherr has ensured that the new crane delivers the highest possible compatibility with other Liebherr crane models. For example, parts of the ballast, the detachable hook block and various lattice sections can be interchanged easily with other crane models.

The feature about this LICCON2 crane is the optional central lubrication system for the king pin bearings on the chassis which greases 24 lube points on the 6-axle crane automatically. Another highlight – a total of six LED rear lights are available to order, which illuminate the working area perfectly with bright light. That is something to behold!

The longest boom in its class!

  • 90 meter telescopic boom – can be carried on the crane with a 12 tonne axle load
  • 120 meter maximum hook height
  • 8 – 43 meter hydraulically adjustable fixed lattice jib between 0 – 45°
  • 4 – 39 meter powerful jib – integrated in the fixed jib
  • 11.5 – 20 meter double folding jib – can technically be carried on the crane
  • 14 meter (2 x 7 meter) telescopic boom extension – for lowering the folding jib at a height of 100 meters
  • High lifting capacities when fully raised and at a great height
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This article was published in the UpLoad magazine 01 | 2022.

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