LBX 600 unplugged Carrier machine for slurry wall construction

The carrier machine for slurry wall construction fulfils the requirements of jobsites in urban areas in particular. The compact size combined with the battery-powered unplugged version enables work in even the most confined spaces and noise-sensitive areas. The machine does not produce any exhaust fumes and are extremely quiet. The battery is charged using a conventional jobsite electric supply. The compact carrier machine can be transported in one piece. A modular boom system allows for three different versions of the machine and a high degree of flexibility. The LBX 600 can be fitted with mechanical or hydraulic grabs.
Max. working depth 80 m
Max. grab weight, full 30 t
Max. pull force in grab operation (dual-winch operation) 450 kN
Max. pull force in recovery mode (dual-winch operation) 600 kN

Zero Emission

The machine causes no local emissions and significantly less noise. Thus, it is also suitable for operation in areas sensitive to noise.

Electric engine

The innovative Liebherr machine has an electric engine.

Unplugged (battery powered)

The machine can be operated by battery without a cable, therefore: unplugged.

Plugged in (socket operation)

The machine can operate fully when connected to a conventional electric supply, or be recharged within a few hours.

Modular box boom

The modular boom system offers a high degree of flexibility.

Various attachments

The carrier machine can be operated with a hydraulic or mechanical slurry wall grab, or a chisel.

Two free-fall winches deliver a line pull of 450 kN in grab operation and even 600 kN in recovery mode.

Compact dimensions and a telescopic undercarriage enable easy transportation and set-up.

Max. working depth 80 m
Max. grab weight, full 30 t
Max. pull force in grab operation (dual-winch operation) 450 kN
Max. pull force in recovery mode (dual-winch operation) 600 kN
Drive Electric (zero emission)
System performance 390 kW
Max. winch line pull 2 x 300 kN
Battery charging time 5.0 h
Battery capacity 4 h
Min. transport width 3,000 mm
Min. transport height 3,600 mm
Operating weight 64.5 - 72.4 t

Verticality Assistant

This system monitors the slurry wall installation process by measuring the deviations between the slurry wall and the grab. Additionally the productivity data is recorded.


One single tool for the collection, documentation and analysis of all process, machine, construction site and position data. more

Recording of working processes (PDE)

With the PDE process data recording system machine data is recorded during the working process. more

LIPOS positioning system

Accurate positioning and precise execution of piling or drilling processes. more

Ground Pressure Visualization

The Ground Pressure Visualization calculates the current ground pressure of the machine in real time and compares it with the specified safety limits of the relevant jobsite. more

Remote control

The remote control simplifies the loading process for transportation as well as the assembly of the machine. more

Slurry wall installation with grab

A clamshell grab excavates the slurry wall panels. more

Video LBX 600

Video LBX 600

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