Press releases | 04/11/2016 More power, lower consumption: The new Liebherr hydraulic excavators for exhaust emission standards Stage IV / Tier 4f

  • The first models have been retrofitted to comply with the new exhaust emissions standards
  • Liebherr hydraulic excavators excel thanks to maximum fuel efficiency and minimum maintenance costs
  • At Bauma Liebherr showcases three wheeled and six crawler excavators of the new exhaust emissions standards Stage IV / Tier 4f

Liebherr has further improved its hydraulic excavators as part of the machine changeover to the exhaust emissions standards Stage IV / Tier 4f. All machines from the 14 tonnes category not only have reduced nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions values in comparison to the corresponding predecessor machines. At the same time they also offer lower fuel consumption and extended maintenance intervals. With the redesign of the cab the comfort was also enhanced and the driver's safety improved. At Bauma Liebherr presents three wheeled and six crawler excavators from the new range.

A newly developed Liebherr diesel engine has been installed into the Liebherr hydraulic excavators from the 14 tonne category to comply with the exhaust emissions standards Stage IV / Tier 4f. The new Liebherr SCR technology is used in this new generation, which consists of a SCR catalyst system and other components such as an injector and AdBlue® solution. A particulate filter is not required, but can also be installed for special construction site requirements. Furthermore, Liebherr offers solutions for the filling and storage of AdBlue®. The complete system for Liebherr hydraulic excavators of exhaust emissions standards Stage IV / Tier 4f effectively reduces the exhaust emissions without compromising the performance.

The maintenance intervals have also been extended thanks to the further development of the Liebherr engine. This leads to less downtime thus increasing the productive working time of the machines and reducing maintenance costs.

Thanks to the innovative Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE), which optimally controls all power management processes of the new Liebherr wheeled excavators, the fuel consumption is reduced considerably. The proactive intervention in the engine management system, adjustment of the swing angle of the hydraulic pump and of the engine speed, provide for optimum efficiency of the drive components in every working situation. This allows a higher engine power at low speed.

The new Liebherr crawler excavators are equipped with the integrated, performance-enhancing excavator system technology, which is based on the Positive Control hydraulic system. This intelligent system works with sensors attached at strategic points on the excavator. When the machine operator moves the machine the intelligent control for the engine and hydraulic system optimises each movement. This facilitates fast, fluid and precise working movements. If required the pump circuits can work independently or together thereby making optimal energy utilisation possible.

Wheeled excavators A 918 and A 918 Compact with redesigned cab

Liebherr is showcasing a total of four wheeled excavators at Bauma 2016. Some of the exhibits include the two models A 918 and A 918 Compact, which have already been retrofitted to comply with the new exhaust emissions standard IV. These machines have higher engine power with reduced fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions.

Another highlight of the two machines is the revised cab for enhanced safety and comfort. A foldable armrest is included in the standard equipment which offers the machine operator enhanced safety when getting in and out of the excavator. The standard operation of the excavator support via the proportional control at the joystick levers offers greater comfort. When moving the machine the operator does not need to change his grip and can complete levelling works comfortably and precisely.

Both new Liebherr wheeled excavators are equipped as standard with the new automatic working brake. The service brake is opened automatically upon startup and closes again automatically when the machine is stationary. This ensures maximum safety and high productivity thanks to shorter response times.

R 936 crawler excavator

The R 936 crawler excavator presented at Bauma 2016 has been on the market since the beginning of 2016. It follows the first Stage IV / Tier 4f crawler excavator R 946, which Liebherr showcased at Intermat 2015 in Paris. Both crawler excavators incorporate the aforementioned new features of the hydraulic excavator range that comply with the exhaust emissions standard IV.

The operating weight of the R 936 is between 30 and 38 tonnes and the engine power is 170 kW / 231 HP. It is designed for earthmoving applications. With its new equipment it achieves maximum digging and breakout forces for a significant increase in productivity of up to 13% compared with the previous model. An optimised hydraulic system with dedicated swing circuit for increased productivity enables fuel savings of up to 7% with 10kW higher engine power in comparison to the previous generation.