Press releases | 04/11/2016 More customer benefits: The new Liebherr truck mixer generation 05 at the Bauma 2016

  • Available from 2017
  • Many innovations for greater cost efficiency
  • Maximum flexibility in the attachment of equipment and accessories

At the Bauma 2016, Liebherr is showing a prototype of the new truck mixer generation 05 (available from 2017) to the general public for the first time. Liebherr has completely reworked the vehicle – for increased cost efficiency, improved ergonomics and more safety.

As the representative of the new truck mixer generation, Liebherr is presenting the HTM 905 with 9m³ nominal volume at the Bauma 2016. This is Liebherr's top-selling truck mixer size. The transition from the old generation to the new generation of the different types will take place gradually over the next two years. Thanks to the platform solution, the new truck mixer provides possibilities for flexibly mounting accessories or options to customer requirements.

Increased cost efficiency

Liebherr has further improved the cost efficiency of the truck mixer through the use of a new steel quality. The entire drum including the spiral plates and wear protection strips are made of LICRO 500 special steel in the new generation 05. This steel is manufactured exclusively for Liebherr and is extremely wear-resistant thanks to the high proportion of chrome and the particularly hard titanium carbonitride. This increases the drum's service life.

In comparison with the predecessor series, the unladen weight of the truck mixer could be reduced by approx. 180 kg which increases the available payload accordingly. Liebherr paid particular attention to the cleaning of the truck mixer during the development phase. Edges that are susceptible to dirt have been rectified and smooth surfaces have been created. The result is lower susceptibility to dirt and reduced cleaning effort.

The optional Litronic-EMC drum controller from Liebherr controls the diesel engine speed according to need when loading and unloading, the constant speed drive prevents unnecessary drum revolutions during the journey. This saves fuel and reduces wear. Furthermore, the Litronic-EMC increases safety by preventing operator errors such as changing the direction of rotation suddenly. In addition, the rear control unit can be switched off during the tour so that actuation by unauthorised people is not possible.

Improved ergonomics, increased safety

The innovative platform concept in the new truck mixer generation 05 provides flexible attachment options for accessories. Storage compartments, holders or extension chutes can be installed in various positions. Optional equipment can also be installed subsequently. Liebherr has configured all control elements to be extremely user-friendly.

The concrete transfer chute on the new Liebherr truck mixers can be completely swung out to the side without protruding over the outside of the vehicle. This makes emptying into large concrete buckets and access for cleaning work easier. The transfer chute if offset by around 120mm upwards, which improves the flow angle when transferring the concrete.

Liebherr is introducing a new chute brake in the new truck mixer generation 05. The operator can use this to affix the slewing chute quickly and securely with just one hand movement. The storage locations are installed slightly lower on the vehicle in order to make removing the extension chutes easier. The new ladder platform provides more space and the extension ladder is made of aluminium, is lighter and can be operated easier.

The new angled steps and the enlarged platform make working on the new truck mixer's upper vehicle rear easier. The railings have a larger diameter for a better grip. The water capacity in the mixing drum was increased. This prevents the drum's contents spilling out when transporting fluid consistencies in particular.