Press releases | 06/13/2019 Active personnel detection for Liebherr wheel loaders wins BG BAU 2019 EuroTest Prize

  • Active personnel detection is an intelligent assistance system for accident prevention developed by Liebherr
  • Active personnel detection received BG BAU's EuroTest Prize at bauma 2019
  • Representatives of Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH accepted the prize in person in Munich

At bauma 2019, Liebherr presented a comprehensive package of multiple intelligent assistance systems for the XPower® large wheel loaders to a professional audience for the first time. The purpose of these assistance systems is to optimise safety and comfort in everyday wheel loader operations. Active personnel detection at the rear is one of the new assistance systems and is available to customers on request. It alerts the operator to hazards in the rear area of the wheel loader. The system independently distinguishes between people and objects with the aid of sensors. At bauma 2019, the construction industry's accident insurance association BG BAU presented the 2019 EuroTest Prize to Liebherr's active personnel detection.

BG BAU presents active rear person recognition for XPower® wheel loaders with the EuroTest Prize 2019. The system specifically warns of accidents involving potential personal injury.

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Dr-Ing Herbert Pfab (2nd from left), Head of Development, and Johann Stickler (2nd from right), Managing Director and Technical Director, of Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH, proudly accept the EuroTest Prize 2019 for the active personnel detection.

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Active personnel detection at the rear automatically provides a warning on the machine display and sounds acoustic signals if there is danger in the wheel loader’s rear area. If a person is located in the rear area of the wheel loader, the intelligent system alerts the operator at a greater distance than for stationary objects such as walls or columns. This more precise warning received by the operator if there is a risk of personal injury reduces the risk of serious accidents. At the same time, unnecessary warning signals are avoided and the strain on the machine operator is reduced.

Dr-Ing Herbert Pfab, Head of Development, and Johann Stickler, Managing Director and Technical Director, of Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH, personally accepted the 2019 EuroTest Prize for the active personnel detection. Liebherr is one of an exclusive group of only five prize winners recognised by BG BAU at bauma 2019 in cooperation with other organisations. BG BAU’s EuroTest Prize recognises outstanding achievements in the areas of technical occupational safety and product safety.


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