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LiXplore® Camera-Monitor Systems

Digital camera solutions for mobile machines

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Enhance efficiency and work safety with digital camera-monitor systems from Liebherr

When operating large and complex machinery such as harvesters, field sprayers or reachstakers, a clear view is essential. However, the complex and small-scale design of these mobile machines often restricts the field of vision, creating blind spots and making work difficult and potentially dangerous.

Sharp, high-resolution camera images give machine operators a clear view of their working environment at all times. Whether used as a viewing solution for rear and side areas or as a 360° surround view system, the digital LiXplore® camera systems are versatile and ideally suited for complex work processes.


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Please note:

LiXplore® Bird's Eye is currently only available to machine manufacturers. Are you an operator or user interested in retrofitting your machine with our 360° system? Then please contact your manufacturer or dealer directly with your enquiry. You can find more helpful questions and answers here.

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Bye-bye blind spots

Portfolio of camera solutions from detailed views to 360° bird's eye view

More efficiency 24/7

Finest HD image quality with Liebherr digital cameras in any lighting situation

Less machine downtime

Designed for use in rough environments like dust, water and ice

Minimal integration effort

Simple and fast calibration and integration into your machine

Discover the difference Clear view in any environment

Our digital camera-monitor systems deliver sharp and high-resolution camera images, enabling operators to have a clear view of their surroundings. Experience unmatched clarity that captures every detail, even in challenging lighting conditions.

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Whatever exactly the work process requires the machine operator to monitor, we can provide you with a suitable camera solution.