Liebherr has developed a concept of control for railway applications which meets the standards for electronic railway vehicles.

Liebherr BK4 controller

Liebherr BK4 controller

Liebherr BK4 controller

BK4 controller

For more than one decade, Liebherr has successfully integrated the BK3 controller in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC) and hydraulic applications globally. Due to evolving requirements from the railway industry, Liebherr-Transportation Systems has developed a replacement controller: the BK4 microprocessor controller with modern interfaces and more capabilities in a smaller package.

This controller’s capabilities cover all current and forecast needs regarding the HVAC systems, the hydraulic systems and obsolescence topics for the future. BK4 also optimally features adjustments to the controlled system due to its scalability. It can also adapt to different train network and maintenance interfaces.

Industry-standard interfaces and capabilities as well as centralized application software approach enable to achieve a cost-effective solution for a complete system.



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