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Liebherr-Aerospace has developed long-standing partnerships with the world’s major aircraft manufacturers, providing the key systems to more than 100 aircraft and helicopter programs in all major market segments of aviation. Liebherr is a key partner to most of these programs, supplying several major systems to the relevant airframer.


Liebherr-Aerospace has been selected by Aerion to develop and supply the integrated air management system for the new AS2 supersonic business jet. One of the system’s key components will be an electrical air conditioning pack, which contributes to higher efficiency and greener aircraft operation. AS2


The AW189 of the Italien manufacturer Leonardo (Helicopters) features systems from three Liebherr product lines: The company provides the air management system, flight control and landing gear system for the twin-engine helicopter. The components provided are highly reliable. AW189

Boeing 777X

For this aircraft which will have the latest innovative technologies on board, Liebherr supplies high-lift actuators, the power drive unit and hydraulic motor for the leading edge actuation system, as well as the folding wing tip actuation and the main gear steering system. Boeing 777X


COMAC selected Liebherr-Aerospace as the supplier of two major systems: the landing gear system and the integrated air management system. Thousands of Liebherr parts specifically designed and featuring state of the art technologies will allow the aircraft to be one of the best performers of its category. C919

E-Jet E2

Liebherr-Aerospace has received a contract from Embraer to develop, manufacture and service the high lift system, the integrated air management system and the nose landing gear wheel steering controller for the second generation of Embraer's E-Jet family. E-Jet E2


Liebherr-Aerospace and Rolls-Royce have established a 50:50 joint venture to develop manufacturing capability and capacity for the power gearbox for Rolls-Royce’s new UltraFan® engine. Rolls-Royce

All on board: Liebherr-Aerospace systems

Learn more about the systems and componentsLiebherr-Aerospace develops, manufactures and services in this animated clip. Play video

Learn more about the systems and components Liebherr-Aerospace develops, manufactures and services in this animated clip.

Customer services

With a global network of support specialists, Liebherr-Aerospace offers outstanding customer support - no matter where you are. Customer services


Liebherr-Aerospace has received numerous performance awards from customers.


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