Press releases | 10/12/2017 Luc Durand Group’s Liebherr R 956 crawler excavator deployed in Voutré quarry

  • A Liebherr R 956 crawler excavator with 6.70 m mono boom and 2.90 m dipper stick
  • The R 956 crawler excavator proves its versatility and efficiency
  • Founded in 1956, today the Luc Durand Group employs 415 people

Powerful, versatile and precise, the Liebherr R 956 crawler excavator proves to be very adaptable in earthmoving or mining. The Luc Durand Group uses this machine for loading dump trucks in a quarry in Voutré en Mayenne (Pays de la Loire). Luc Durand Group chooses Liebherr as a manufacturer and local service provider SOMTP, based on excellent experience of working with both partners over the years.

Put to work in April 2017 the Liebherr R 956 has been deployed four days a week with an average daily output of 2000 m3. The excavator is equipped with a 6.70 m boom and a 2.90 m dipper stick with additional cylinder covers for loading a HD bucket with capacity of 2.7 m3.

With a HD undercarriage, 2900 mm track gauge and 600 mm track pads, the R 956 continuously loads three articulated dump trucks, thus ensuring the transport of the quarried materials. These dump trucks have a struck capacity of 16.9 m3 and a refill capacity of 22.5 m3, SAE 2:1.

Fast, versatile and comfortable

A new diesel engine with a power output of 240 kW / 326 hp and the SCR system for the aftertreatment of exhaust gas (without particulate filter) make the R 956 compliant with the emissions standards of Stage IV / Tier 4f.

Fast and versatile, the R 956 crawler excavator allows precise and careful work. Thanks to their kinematics and hydraulic power they are capable of higher breakout and digging forces even in extreme applications

The operator cab provides a comfortable, spacious and ergonomic work space to allow for maximum productivity. Mounted on visco-elastic elements, the cab is not subject to vibrations. Fully automatic air-conditioning and a high-resolution touch screen also enhance the operator's comfort.

The operator has excellent visibility of the surrounding area thanks to a standard rear-view camera and a lateral camera as well as an optimised uppercarriage design. For enhanced safety the R 956 also has a fully removable laminated windshield under the roof and a secure emergency exit at the rear of the cab.

Luc Durand Group: With Liebherr and SOMTP Ouest for 25 years

In 1992 a Liebherr R 932 crawler excavator was added to the machine fleet of the Luc Durand Group. This marked the start of a successful partnership between the manufacturer and customer. A close relationship has also been maintained with the local dealer, SOMTP Ouest, who has always ensured optimal distribution and service of the different Liebherr machines.

Besides the R 956, three more Liebherr machines that comply with the Stage IV exhaust emissions standard have just been added to the fleet of the Luc Durand Group: an A 918 Compact wheeled excavator, an R 914 Compact crawler excavator, as well as an A 914 Compact wheeled excavator.

Founded in 1956 by Luc Durand, the Group currently employs 415 people. This family-run organisation is involved in different sectors such as public works, demolition, quarrying and sandpits, asphalt plants, mobile crushing and even the separation and treatment of construction site materials. Today the Luc Durand Group has almost 60 Liebherr earthmoving machines. The portfolio includes crawler and wheeled excavators, crawler and wheel loaders, as well as crawler tractors.

Voutré quarry in Pays de la Loire employs 60 people for its annual production of approximately 2.5 million tonnes of hard rock.