News | 10/10/2017 Harbour Dredging: Hybrid Duty Cycle Crawler Crane with 300 t Capacity in Operation in Piombino

Material amounting to a total of 600,000m³ must be removed from the entrance to the port. With the duty cycle crawler crane type HS 8300 HD, the contractor Zeta S.r.l. found a real powerhouse and a suitable solution for this dredging project. On the one hand, the challenge lies in achieving high levels of turnover and, on the other hand, in removing not only sediment but also larger stones. For this reason Zeta S.r.l. opted for a hydraulic clamshell grab from the Italian manufacturer Rossi with a filling capacity of 22m³.

Zeta S.r.l. has installed the HS 8300 HD without crawlers on its new dredger Maria Vittoria Z, on which a total of 3,000t material can be loaded. Thanks to the large volume of the grab and also the short working cycles of only 45 seconds, the Liebherr duty cycle crawler crane handles 2,000t of material per hour meaning it requires less than two hours to fully load the Maria Vittoria Z. Close by, the dredged material is being gainfully used for the expansion of the Port of Piombino. The dredger is loaded and unloaded by the HS 8300 HD up to four times each working day between 05:00 and 20:00 hrs.