LTM 11200-9.1 - The largest Liebherr mobile crane.

  • Power to burn:

    The 9-axle crane has a nominal lifting capacity of 1500 USt / 1200 t – the most of any Liebherr crane.

  • Height is not an issue:

    Various boom extensions to reach any height.

  • All axles with steering:

    Thanks to the active, speed-dependent rear axle steering, even tight bends are child’s play.

  • All alone:

    Fast, easy setup with small space requirements due to self-erection.

  • Low cost transport:

    Can be configured economically with different states for driving on roads and at sites.

LTM 11200-9.1

The maximum lifting capacity of a Liebherr all-terrain crane, combined with the longest telescopic boom in the world. Furthermore, various lattice extensions are available for the boom. The 9-axle chassis includes the active, speed-dependent rear-axle steering we developed. Significant increases in lifting capacities are generated using Y-guying on the telescopic boom. With its long telescopic boom, Y-guying and easily installed lattice extensions, the LTM 11200-9.1 is ideal for erecting wind turbines. The setup times are significantly shorter than lattice boom cranes and comparatively low counterweights and space are required to erect the boom. Its different driving configurations enable this all-terrain crane to be transported at low cost all over the world.

Max. load capacity 1,200 t
Telescopic boom 100 m
Max. hoist height 188 m
Max. radius 136 m
Number of axles 9
Max. load capacity 1,200 t
at radius 2.50 m
Telescopic boom from 18.30 m
Telescopic boom up to 100.00 m
Lattice jib from 6.50 m
Lattice jib up to 126.00 m
Drive engine/make Liebherr
Drive engine 8-Zylinder-Diesel
Drive engine/power 505 kW
Number of axles 9
Crane engine/make Liebherr
Crane engine 6-Zylinder-Diesel
Crane engine/power 300 kW
Drive/Steering standard 18 x 8 x 18
Driving speed 75.00 km/h
Total ballast 202.00 t

Boom/jib combinations

HVO ready

Up to 90 % lower CO2 emissions in action.

LTM 11200-9.1 erects special Liebherr construction crane for energy storage project:

At the site of the Gaildorf green energy storage system, an innovative energy storage project, the LTM 11200-9.1 erected three massive construction cranes on the 40-metre high foundations of the wind turbines which are also used as water storage basins. Find out more

The birth of a colossus:

A new feature for Rostock’s skyline - The TCC 78000 heavy duty crane now towers 164 metres into the air. An LTM 11200-9.1 and an LG 1750 erected the crane together. Find out more