Arnaud Rosenzwey has surely accomplished a dream start to his career

As a junior professional, to work actively in a dynamic team straight away, taking on responsibility and developing your own ideas – what more could a graduate ask for? But for Arnaud Rosenzwey, a mechanical engineering graduate, the Liebherr Group offers still more possibilities.

As a Development Engineer, he travels a lot and meets customers, suppliers and partners from all over the world. Then, loaded up with plenty of new insights and demands, he gets down to developing new, fascinating products. Not alone – but independently.

As a junior professional, I could immediately contribute new ideas, take on responsibility and put the theory I learned into practice.

Arnaud Rosenzwey

“After finishing my studies at an engineering college, there was one main thing I wanted: new challenges in a large, internationally successful company. That is why I chose Liebherr. I began my career as part of an innovative, dynamic team in the development department for special excavators. I saw right away that you can achieve a lot and that everyone can bring their creativity and ideas to the table. That triggered my enthusiasm immediately.

My job is to meet with our customers, suppliers and business partners from every country imaginable, to discuss their requirements for our products. So I travel a lot and work with people from different cultural and language backgrounds. It is challenging, but I also find it extremely enriching. Then, based on their criteria, I design and develop a suitable product in our development center. It is an exciting process, as every project is unique. I work very independently and my suggestions are valuable contributions for new innovations. And innovations are exactly what always take Liebherr a step further.

When I finally visit the customer and present the finished product, I can see that it meets their expectations, which is a wonderful moment. Linking the original theory with practice is something very special – it makes me proud to work for such a successful and well-known company as Liebherr. It is great to see that many innovations I was involved in are still being used by our customers today.”

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