Maritime Cranes Newsletter

Newsletter Issue 2/2024

Time goes by and a lot has happened! In our second issue, we would like to inform you about our electrically-driven LHM 800 mobile harbour crane for Marcor, our BOS 2600 highlights, the delivery of electric rubber tyre gantry cranes in Italy, and the precision unloading of the LS 250 heavy-lift ship crane in Rio de Janeiro. Our latest Liebherr maritime cranes podcast episode about our largest product range might also be of interest to you: featuring the mobile harbour cranes! Issue 2/2024

Newsletter Issue 1/2024

In this edition of our newsletter, we’re thrilled to present the RL 650, a new addition to the Unity Platform, enhancing offshore material handling. We’re advancing in logistics with the LHM 800 at Steinweg Hartel Terminal, setting a new standard in handling commodities emission-free. The LS 800 E, our electric heavy-lift ship crane, is now in its testing phase, marking progress towards sustainable maritime technology. Our Reman programme continues to repurpose used components, conserving resources for the future. Issue 1/2024

Newsletter Issue 3/2023

In the final newsletter issue of 2023, we are delighted to share our second maritime Liebherr podcast, featuring Christoph Döhring, Head of Customer Service Mobile Harbour Cranes and Reachstackers. Equally important are our tailor-made crane inspections as well as another milestone which has been achieved with 4 LBS 800 in Porto Chibatão. Looking ahead, we provide a glimpse into the exhibition outlook for 2024. Explore our plans for the upcoming year and gain insights into our participation in the UN Global Compact initiative. Issue 3/2023

Newsletter Issue 2/2023

In the second newsletter issue of 2023, we proudly present the first episode of our new maritime podcast as well as our all-electric portal slewing crane – the LPS 420 E – in action. Moreover, we report on the celebration of a significant milestone: the flange laying ceremony of the new all-electric heavy lift crane LS 800 E. Updates from other projects and an overview of the most important upcoming exhibitions round off the issue. Issue 2/2023

Newsletter Issue 1/2023

In the first newsletter issue of 2023, we present our sustainability rating achieved for 2022. Furthermore, we report on the two decades of market success with our CBG series as well as on the successful 2022 business year with a record turnover of € 12,589 million. Beyond that, we want to give you a closer look at our pre-docking inspections and show you how you could benefit from them. Issue 1/2023

Newsletter Issue 4/2022

The last newsletter issue in 2022 highlights the live presentation of LiMain remote maintenance. We present the order for two dual trolley ship to shore container cranes from Eurogate Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven. We turn our attention to the second LHM for Canaveral Port and SAL's ORCA project, which will be equipped with Liebherr ship cranes. Issue 4/2022

Newsletter Issue 3/2022

In this newsletter issue we present you the new all-electric transshipment crane: the CBG 500 E. Furthermore we inform you about the successfully completed two offshore missions of the HLC 295000 (heavy lift crane). Besides we also want you to know about the 3 STS cranes that were shipped from Cobh (Ireland) to New York. Issue 3/2022

Newsletter Issue 2/2022

In this newsletter issue we show you the new Liebherr mobile harbour crane and introduce its new features. We also give you a foretaste of a soon-to-be-released all-electric transshipment crane - the largest Liebherr has ever built. Furthermore, we will show you how the operational height of container cranes can be increased quickly and easily using patented technology. Issue 2/2022

Newsletter Issue 1/2022

In this newsletter issue, we proudly present you a new video about our Liebherr FCC 280 at the Rio Paraguay. We also want to highlight the sales year 2021 of the Liebherr mobile harbour cranes, the delivery of fully automated RMGs to the US and the innovative maintenance service LiMain. Furthermore, we report on the 300th delivery of the LHM 550 and our efforts for sustainability. Issue 1/2022

Newsletter Issue 4/2021

In this last newsletter issue of 2021, we proudly report on the EcoVadis Gold Medal for sustainability. We also present two special gantry crane projects and report on the new RL Offshore Crane Series. We also present the first automated container crane project in Oman, show the latest videos and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Issue 4/2021

Newsletter Issue 3/2021

In this newsletter issue we show you the journey of two LHM 550 from Rostock to Ghana. We also present to you the LiDAT smartApp - our digital bestseller in the maritime sector. Liebherr Container Cranes report about three recently delivered Eco STS for Maher Terminals in New York and New Jersey. And we describe how a crane in Uruguay was replaced by a FCC 300. Issue 3/2021

Newsletter Issue 2/2021

In this newsletter issue we report on the first Liebherr mobile harbour crane powered by fossil-free HVO100 diesel. We also highlight the delivery of eight Ship-to-Shore container cranes and a spectacular single lift of a BOS 4200 offshore crane. In addition to the above we also highlight the various loading options at our maritime production site in Rostock, Germany. Issue 2/2021

Newsletter Issue 1/2021

In this newsletter issue, we report on the progress of the HLC 150000 heavy lift crane for our customer OHT. We also show you how Sycratronic can be useful for tandem lifts of long rotor blades. We also report on four new STS cranes that are being used in Bremerhaven and on the 100th birthday of our customer Oldedorff Carriers. Issue 1/2021

Newsletter Issue 4/2020

In this issue we want to introduce to you the new Liebherr Intelligent Maintenance tool, called LiMAin. We will also take a look at the year 2020 and present you some highlights like the order of eight RTGs for DP World or the next milestone fo the HLC 150000. An FCC 280 order from the Kayan Group and an electrically driven LHM 550 for Grenaa Port are also represented. Issue 4/2020

Newsletter Issue 3/2020

In this issue we report on an impressive delivery of STS cranes to Morocco. We also want to present you two new videos of the reachstacker LRS 545 and the purely electric LPS 420 E. An order of 4 BOS cranes for oil platforms in Azerbaijan, customer service in times of Corona and our maritime training centre are also covered. Issue 3/2020

Newsletter Issue 2/2020

In this issue we report on the loading of monopiles for a wind farm off the coast of Denmark by the TCC 78000, including impressions of the Megamax STS for the Eurogate Terminal in Hamburg and of an LHM 600 on a barge in the port of New York. We also present the enlarged partnership with the Balikpapan Coal Terminal in Indonesia. Issue 2/2020

Newsletter Issue 1/2020

In this issue we show you some impressions of the installation of the HLC 295000, the largest offshore crane Liebherr has ever built. Among many other exciting topics, we also report about the handover of the world’s largest electrically-operated Liebherr port handling machine with gantry undercarriage to DaFeng Port in China. Issue 1/2020

Newsletter Issue 3/2019

In this issue we would like to trace you back to two major events in the summer of 2019: the opening of our new service station in the Port of Hamburg and the festive inauguration of the TCC 78000 including a fascinating assembly video of our new heavy-duty gantry crane . We will also present exciting news from the world of Liebherr maritime cranes. Have fun reading. Issue 3/2019

Newsletter Issue 2/2019

In this issue we present you the almost assembled TCC 78000 and details of the delivery of the purely electric portal crane LPS 420 E to Russia. You can see the new LRS Log Handler in action and learn more about our special design ship crane CCB. Enjoy reading. Issue 2/2019

Newsletter Issue 1/2019

In this issue we would like to present to you updates of the TCC 78000 assembly. We will inform you about the LHM business year 2018 and give you insights about an offshore crane refurbishment project. Furthermore, we would like to invite you to see the new LRS Log Handler at Bauma. Issue 1/2019

Newsletter Issue 3/2018

In this issue we would like to present to you the new Liebherr offshore crane RL-K 2600. We will inform you about the latest orders of the transshipment crane CBG 360 and about the comissioning of seven reachstacker LRS 545 in South Africa. Enjoy reading. Issue 3/2018

Newsletter Issue 2/2018

In this Newsletter issue Liebherr invites you to visit the largest ship building exhibition, the SMM Hamburg. We show you some beautiful new videos of Liebherr mobile harbour cranes and reachstackers in operation. Plus we present to you the new heavy lift crane TCC 78000 in Rostock, Germany. Issue 2/2018

Newsletter Issue 1/2018

In this issue we present you the new compact board offshore crane series CBO, the launch of a new purely electrical harbour crane as well as the new reachsatcker LRS 545-35. We also want to highlight the cooperative partnership with Aston and Liebherr. Issue 1/2018

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