Lejla Halilović is responsible for developing products and problem-solving approaches

Creative freedom, international colleagues with different specialisms, and team spirit – how does that fit together? For Lejla Halilović, it works really well! An out-of-the-box thinker, for five years she worked in the rail vehicles department, developing new air conditioning units, among other things. She quickly realized that the more agile, international and creative the project, the greater the sense of team spirit among colleagues.

Moreover, with international projects and prospects, Liebherr offers her the professional development opportunities she seeks – and takes advantage of. On the search for new challenges, she has now moved to the aerospace division in Toulouse.

Not only are our products versatile like a chameleon, but so are we!

Lejla Halilović

“Within the team, we juggle all sorts of different tasks, because we are the key interface between all the various departments and our customers. The focus is on the customer and we never lose sight of the goal. Team spirit is really important here, and that is why everyone is happy to put their own interests second. Which means we can all concentrate on the actual product.

This job often requires lateral thinking, and I always need to be adaptable. You can see this with the new rail air conditioning system we developed, called MACS 8.0. It was a very extensive and complex development project, for which we had to find a completely new approach.

For this reason, the team comprised technical experts from across a wide range of disciplines. We used the Scrum method, and as a result our decision-making was highly agile and we had creative freedom. This also generated a great team spirit. In the end, we succeeded in making our product extremely versatile for use in all kinds of rail vehicles – like a chameleon. Then as a team we came up with the idea of using this metaphor in our marketing. I am still extremely proud of the project.

What I particularly like at Liebherr are the professional development opportunities and international prospects that the company offers. I work as part of an interdisciplinary team with people all over the world.– After five years of rail vehicles in Korneuburg, I joined Aerospace in Toulouse and am currently in charge of programs for Airbus. I am excited about what the future has in store for me.”

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