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Service agreements from Liebherr

The reliability of your machines is very important to us. Objectives can only be efficiently planned and attained with a fleet that is ready for use. We offer you tailor-made solutions in order to ensure high availability and a long service life of your Liebherr machines: the Liebherr CarePacks.

There are four different CarePacks, each with its own features ranging from regular inspections, through maintenance, up to repairs and much more - all in manufacturer quality.

1 Basic

CarePack Basic includes all Liebherr original parts necessary for scheduled maintenance. With an inspection carried out at least once a year, you obtain a regular overview of the condition of your machine.

If you value a well-maintained machine, the CarePack Service is the right choice for you. Manufacturer quality keeps the resale value as high as possible.

2 Service

CarePack Service includes all scheduled maintenance measures and ensures the fault-free functionality of your Liebherr machine. The standards are high: the maintenance profile complies with the manufacturer's specifications and only Liebherr original parts are used.

We take care of the machine, the customer concentrates on the business!

3 Comfort

In addition to maintenance, CarePack Comfort covers repairs to the drivetrain with Liebherr original parts for a wide variety of machines. Through the protection of the major components, you reduce the risk of the most expensive repairs.

CarePack Premium ensures optimal machine utilisation with simultaneous cost control. Machine availability always comes first.

4 Premium

CarePack Premium is the package for absolute peace of mind. Liebherr engineers carry out complete machine maintenance and repairs with original manufacturer parts.



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Basic inspection
Liebherr original parts for maintenance
Labour for maintenance  
Liebherr original parts for drivetrain repairs    
Labour for drivetrain repairs    
Liebherr original parts for complete machine repairs (excl. steel structure repairs)      
Labour for complete machine repairs (excl. steel structure repairs)      
XpertAssist optional optional
Travelling costs for Liebherr engineers   optional optional optional
Depending on your needs, these additional units can be ordered for each CarePack:
  • Training for operators or maintenance staff
  • Liebherr lubricants
  • Hydraulic hose packages
  • Wear parts packages
  • Steel structure inspections
optional optional optional optional

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Our CarePacks ensure a long service life and minimum downtime for your machines thanks to regular inspections and maintenance. Higher efficiency and increased residual value go without saying.



You choose the range and duration of the agreement. Inspections and maintenance are arranged to suit your timetable and construction site planning, so avoiding unnecessary downtime.



We look after the maintenance and you attend to your core business. In combination with our remote service, information about your machines is transmitted to your Liebherr service partner who can identify and monitor the data output.


Experience the next level of service.