CW-ST 3200 Cutter wheel set

Cutter wheel set for mixed soils comprising 2 pairs of cutter wheels.
Bite lengths 3,200 mm
Type Standard cutter wheel set
Range of application Firm to very stiff cohesive soils; in loosely to densely consolidated non-cohesive soils up to approx. 50 SPT. Low strength rock up to approx. 50 MPa.
Scope of delivery The cutter wheel set consists of 2 cutter wheels rotating clockwise, and 2 rotating anti-clockwise. The appropriate suction box and reamer bar are also included.
Equipment Cutter wheel fitted with flat tooth, CT-SB 38 JM, outside teeth depend on rotational direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise) flat tooth CT- SB42 JR, CT- SB42 JL

CW-ST 3200 CW-ST 3200 CW-ST 3200 CW-ST 3200
Wall thickness [mm] 800 1,000 1,200 1,500
Weight [kg] 4,210